Italy is culturally rich with its wealth of Renaissance architecture, Roman history and priceless art. Scenically, you’ll enjoy stark Alpine peaks in the north, the Apennine Mountains, olive groves and vineyards of Italy’s heart, and the warm waters, volcanic islands and Mediterranean lifestyle of the south.

Florence is known as the ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’, with its palaces and squares, magnificent cathedral and superb art collections in the Accademia and Uffizi galleries. In Rome you can trace the course of history through 2500 years from the grandeur of the Forum and Colosseum, to the grandiose Altar of the Nation. Venice is simply unique – a maze of narrow streets, canals and unexpected city squares, with unforgettable masterpieces in the Accademia and Scoula Grande di San Rocco.

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From $1,439.00 per person

Your dream of visiting the shining cities of Italy with budget travel in mind is easy to reach. With seven days to see the sights from Rome, Florence & Venice – including Pisa and Verona – your guided Italy tour is waiting.

From $1,729.00 per person

Join us on an undiscovered holiday in Sicily—the Mediterranean’s largest island, just off the toe of Italy’s “boot.” You’ll begin in Palermo, a colourful city of churches, squares, marketplaces, and palazzos of every style.

From $1,879.00 per person

Discover the beauty of the Italian Lakes on this magnificent holiday. With the Alps for a backdrop, you’ll enjoy nature at its finest—with overnights in Lake Garda, Lake Como, and Lake Maggiore.



From $1,879.00 per person

This regional affordable Italy holiday begins and ends in Naples. As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Naples provides visitors a wealth of folklore, history, and a rich culture of the ages.

From $2,159.00 per person

You’ve dreamed about the Splendours of Italy - it's magnificent architecture, majestic cathedrals, ancient ruins, world-class art, sumptuous cuisine and wine, and relaxing cafés—and now it is your time to experience it.

From $2,159.00 per person

On this affordable Italian tour package, the town of Montecatini serves as your home base from which to venture out daily to explore the surrounding landscapes of breathtaking Tuscany.



From $2,449.00 per person

Rome, Sorrento & Capri — three of Italy’s most popular cities are waiting for you on this grand Italy holiday. Spend four nights in Rome and two nights each in Capri and on the Neapolitan Riviera on this Italy tour.

From $2,899.00 per person

A rich tapestry of idyllic countryside and ancient towns, beautiful architecture and delectable food. On our Tuscan Treats Tour you’ll seek out world-renowned treasures and hidden gems.

From $2,995.00 per person

Take in the sights of Italy, spending time in Milan, Genoa, the sun-drenched coastline of Cinque Terre and Parma. Scents of magnolia and lemons linger along the quaint cobblestone roads.



From $3,150.00 per person

On this 8 Day Sicily in Depth Tour enjoy warm Mediterranean hospitality, as you journey from picture-perfect fishing villages to ancient Greek temples.

From $3,169.00 per person

With its magnificent architecture, beautiful landscapes, sumptuous cuisine, ancient ruins, and brilliant art, Italy is a country like no other

From $3,169.00 per person

This is a comprehensive, affordable tour of Italy, showcasing some of the world’s most beloved cities (including Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples), historic sites, small towns, & scenic wonders.



From $3,250.00 per person

Discover art, ancient customs and medieval cities on a leisurely journey through Tuscany and Rome. Stay in the popular thermal spa resort of Montecatini.

From $3,299.00 per person

The name of this Italy tour—Gems of Umbria and Tuscany—says it all, as you’ll visit some of the medieval hill towns and see some of the beautiful gems that call central Italy home.

From $3,319.00 per person

Your 10-day Sicilian Tour is packed with architectural treasures that have withstood the ages. You’ll begin your tour with guided sightseeing in Palermo’s ornate city of piazzas, markets, and churches.



From $3,589.00 per person

Southern Italy beguiles every sense. Step back in time to the Roman Empire in the beautiful Bay of Naples. Tour ancient cities and marble temples, and explore pastel-hued villages on the Amalfi Coast.

From $3,599.00 per person

The enchanting Italian region of Puglia is famous for its historic cities, quaint fishing villages and (of course) its exquisite cuisine. On this round trip, we'll delve into the area's many splendours - from Naples to Martina Franca, Lecce, Gallipoli, Bari and back again.

From $4,075.00 per person

On this Country Roads of Northern Italy tour fall in love with Shakespeare's Verona, experience the elegance of Venice and wonder at the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites and Italian Lake District before finishing your journey in the majesty of Milan.



From $4,390.00 per person

Satisfy your culinary cravings with delicious truffle infused cuisine, paired with the finest Barolo and Barbaresco wines in an idyllic setting, amidst rolling plains, mountainous green hills and the Alps.

From $4,600.00 per person

A gem of the Mediterranean, Sardinia offers astounding geographical diversity and a rich history. With some of the most seductive beaches, surrounded by an emerald sea, where the Italian’s love to travel.

From $6,590.00 per person

Welcome to Tuscan Villages, a journey boasting Tuscany’s most amazing towns, villages, iconic landscapes and traditions that have profoundly influenced world culture, art, gastronomy and history through a lifestyle that blends passion with simplicity

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Occupying the very heart of Europe, with four official languages and a rich cultural diversity, Switzerland is a land of contrasts. It is home to snow-capped summits and romantic lakes, charming cities and towns, adorned with flower-decked houses and green pastures. Besides the spectacular scenery, the country also fosters an international reputation that is synonymous with quality and efficiency – think civil engineering (trains and tunnels!), insurance and banking, world-famous watches and delicious chocolate.

Switzerland’s glorious lake and mountain scenery takes centre stage here, and a cable car ride or scenic train journey is a must. You will be rewarded with fresh mountain air and amazing views! If you don’t have a head for heights, then a steamer cruise across the expanse of Lake Lucerne on a sun-filled summer’s day is without doubt a wonderful experience. Lucerne itself is full historical interest and medieval charm; home to a wealth of attractions from the iconic old bridges to the Baroque Jesuit church.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.



From $2,879.00 per person

With its unspoiled scenery, majestic peaks, fascinating old towns, sparkling lakes, rich history, and cities with a cosmopolitan flair, Switzerland is the perfect destination offering something for everyone.

From $3,199.00 per person

Enjoy six days amid spectacular Alpine beauty on your guided Top of Switzerland Tour. You’ll meet your Tour Director and traveling companions in the vibrant city of Zurich before continuing to the picturesque Emmental Valley.

From $3,525.00 per person

Get a slice of Switzerland on this breathtaking trip, guiding you seamlessly through mountainous landscapes, serene lakes and picturesque towns.




From $3,889.00 per person

With its stunning mountains, fascinating old towns, beautiful lakes, and long history, Switzerland is the perfect holiday offering something for everyone.

From $4,150.00 per person

Discover a land of contrasting scenery, people and languages, offering a unique blend of interests and wonders on this 8 Day Glorious Switzerland Tour.

From $4,289.00 per person

On this Spectacular Switzerland tour, you'll enjoy Switzerland's stunning mountains and lakes—with overnights in Zürich, Geneva, the Gruyėre area, Grindelwald, and Lucerne.




From $5,499.00 per person

Explore remote Alpine valleys by mini-coach and scale mountain slopes by railway on this unforgettable tour of Switzerland.

From $6,775.00 per person

An intimate journey of discovery amid stunning Alpine panoramas. This itinerary includes riding on the famous Glacier Express and staying in some of Switzerland's most enchanting hotels..

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Floating in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily are the stunning islands of Malta. With a history of shipwrecks, conquests, emperors and knights behind it, Malta is now an independent nation and home to over 445,000 people.

A warm climate and plethora of luxury hotels attract tourists from all over but the Maltese Islands also boast three UNESCO World Heritage sites, mythical theories and 7,000 years of history to explore. The Megalithic Temples are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world while the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is a huge underground structure excavated circa 2,500 B.C. and is well worth a visit.

Some people believe that Malta was part of the Lost City of Atlantis and with its striking sea line it’s easy to believe in fairytales – the limestone arch, Azure Window, and Homer’s Calypso’s Cave are both something you’ll want to add to your checklist.

Mdina, the nation’s medieval capital, is a fortified city that only allows cars of residents on the roads so you’ll have to explore on foot. The modern day capital of Valletta, on the other hand, is so concentrated with historical areas architecture that you’ll want to explore on your own two feet so that you don’t miss anything!

The Maltese are warm and generous people. Once you’re done exploring, be sure to find yourself a seat somewhere to enjoy a Kinnie and take in some traditional Maltese folk music (ghana).

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.



From $2,450.00 per person

Venture to picturesque Malta to explore layers of undisturbed history and otherworldly landscapes, from its ancient architecture to buzzing fisherman's markets.

From $2,900.00 per person

Our Malta Regional Discovery tour explores a land like nowhere else and must be experienced to fully appreciate the beauty and history.

From $3,819.00 per person

Explore the wonders of Malta on this incredible tour, which takes you from the capital, Valletta, to the historically rich towns of Vittoriosa, Mdina and Gozo.

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