Combine your love of untouched landscapes with fine cuisine in Argentina. Discover tropical rainforests, shimmering glaciers and ancient archaeological sites as you indulge in the cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, see the snow-capped mountains surrounded by vast plains and salt flats and visit the amazing high altitude deserts for a complete Argentinian adventure.

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From $479.00 per person

Visit one of the most important protected areas in Argentina and the only one by the sea, Tierra del Fuego National Park where you can enjoy the stunning views and visit various lakes and forests.  

From $648.00 per person

Buenos Aires is arguably the most cosmopolitan city in all South America. Argentina’s historic capital has breath-taking energy, spacious grandeur and self-confident style.

From $805.00 per person

Visit stunning glaciers and breathtaking ice fields. Kayak among the white and blue icebergs for spectacular views of Glaciers.



From $935.00 per person

Enjoy treks on one of the largest glaciers in the Southern Patagonia Ice Fields and to Cerro Torre viewpoint where you can see one of the most capricious mountain landscapes in the world and one of the mythical mountains of Patagonia, Cerro Torre.  

From $1,245.00 per person

Experience a city tour of Salta and its surroundings, climb through the Cuesta del Obispo and mill stone, visit the Wine Museum of James Turell and the winery and Colome vineyards as you enjoy the areas of Salta, Cafayate and Colome.

From $1,399.00 per person

Sample some of Argentina's finest wines from the Mendoza region, with the chance to explore the beautiful tree-lined city and savour some of the local cuisine at some of its cosmopolitan cafes.



From $2,495.00 per person

Home to an abundance of bird and animal life, the Ibera Wetlands is one of the finest places to see wildlife in South America.  

From $3,153.00 per person

Experience all parts of Argentina with this tour, with a visit to the majestic Iguazu Falls which is one of the most breathtaking experiences in South America .



From $3,639.00 per person

From the tango halls of Buenos Aires to the glacier-carved landscapes of Patagonia, Argentina will be sure to seduce you with its captivating vistas and cosmopolitan cities.  

From $13,995.00 per person

Discover a wonderful world of contrasts in Argentina. From laidback estancias in the rural heartland to the sensuous vibe of Buenos Aires; the roaring spectacle of Iguazú Falls .

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Uruguay, although small in size, is bursting with variety of attractions. The country’s capital, Montevideo, is often described as Latin America’s most interesting with its cultural diversity and picturesque scenery. Other highlights include the historic Colonia, with its narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed buildings, as well as the stunning beaches of Punta del Este to the many vineyards and estancias this country has to offer.

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Price on Application

Pocket-sized but packing a punch, Uruguay is a relatively undiscovered South American country located just across the River Plate from Argentina.  

From $2,889.00 per person

Travel across the famed Rio de la Plata and explore the undiscovered country of Uruguay, one of the hidden gems of South America.

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Peru as a country offers it all. Incredible ancestral heritage and many and varied archaeological treasures to admire. The land is covered with amazing pristine natural areas, preserving much of the world’s biodiversity in one country. Above all, it is Peru’s warm hearted people that let travellers get in touch with the soul of the country.

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From $385.00 per person

Discover historic downtown Lima and the modern district of San Isidro where you will tour a Pre-Incan adobe pyramid. Enjoy incredible views of the Pacific Ocean from "Parque del Amor" in Miraflores.  

From $679.00 per person

Tour the incredible colonial city of Cusco, enjoy the Temple of the Sun and see the exquisite stone work carved by the Incas. Explore the Cathedral and the Church of La Compania de Jesus and then head up to a fortress located high above the city.

From $955.00 per person

Designed for travellers who prefer a land experience rather than cruising the Galapagos Islands, this tour encompasses all the beauty that Galapagos Islands offer, based on Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands.



From $1,070.00 per person

Uncover all the majesty of the Lord of Sipan archeological site and the world of the Mochica, the dazzling pre-Columbian culture whose art and gold-filled tombs have been compared to that of Ramses II in Egypt.  

From $1,145.00 per person

Just north of Lima, around the northern coast of Peru lies an area of great interest. Discover fascinating remains from the pre-Inca civilisations and explore elegant colonial cities like Trujillo and former Indian settlements like Chiclayo.

From $1,265.00 per person

Marvel at the amazing Nazca lines, huge figures which are preserved in the high, arid plateau of the Nazca Desert. Geometric shapes include birds, fish, llama and monkeys and are ancient spectacle not to be missed.



From $1,345.00 per person

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a spectacular trekking experience. In the ranking of Peru treks, it is far and away number one, but we could also certainly claim that it is among tops in the entire world.  

From $2,129.00 per person

Experience the magical ancient empire of the Incas as you explore the colonial city of Cusco which was built on the foundations of former Inca palaces; discover the best of the Sacred Valley in Yucay.

From $2,315.00 per person

Discover two unique destinations in Peru – Kuelap, the most important archaeological site in northern Peru and the towering Gocta Waterfall, set amid jungle sheltering toucans and monkeys.



From $3,125.00 per person

Experience the history and allure of Peru, you'll meet llamas, explore the Plaza de Armas in Cusco and more. Inca treasures, wild landscapes and ancient legends are brought to life in the Sacred Valley, centuries-old ruins of Machu Picchu.  

From $3,391.00 per person

On this Peru tour, delve into the past as you spend time in Lima, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lake Titicaca. Along the way, visit ancient ruins, see beautiful scenery, and enjoy guided sightseeing with Local Guides .

From $3,671.00 per person

From its amazing archaeological treasures to its gastronomic delights and from its rich history to its melting pot of cultures, Peru offers visitors a wide array of attractions—and on this tour, you’ll experience its highlights.



From $3,729.00 per person

Embark on an unforgettable culinary adventure through the flavours of Peruvian gastronomy, exploring local markets, learning about traditional ingredients and their importance in Inca traditions as you discover the magical ruins of Machu Picchu and the highlights of Lima.  

From $4,595.00 per person

On this special Travelmarvel journey, you’ll experience an incredible range of Peruvian destinations including Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Lima and the Scared Valley, as well as the stunning Peruvian Andes. And you’ll do so in premium style.

From $5,295.00 per person

See and taste the best of Peru on this Country Explorer adventure, take in Lima, Machu Picchu and more. From the clouds of the Andes to the birthplace of the sun, this trek through Peru's altiplanos and the famous floating Uros Islands traces the ancient past of the Incas.



From $5,795.00 per person

From intricate frescoes to architectural marvels, Peru is home to one of South America’s most sophisticated ancient civilisations and a thriving modern vibe. Unearth the past in Lima.  

From $5,809.00 per person

This is a comprehensive journey through the highlights of Peru, the cultural heart of South America. Visit the White City of colonial Arequipa, the vast Colca Canyon to witness the unforgettable sight of the flight of the condor.

From $5,825.00 per person

Discover the treasures of Lima and uncover the archaeological site of Machu Picchu on this Country Explorer trip. Explore the vastness of Peru-traced from its Pacific edge to the mountain fortresses of the Incas.



From $6,595.00 per person

Peru is one of the great originating centers of ancient culture, and on this holiday, you’ll discover its archaeological treasures, visit its ancient ruins, and learn about its ancient culture.  

From $13,295.00 per person

Some of the world’s most astonishing attractions await within Peru. Peru conceals some of the world’s most astonishing attractions: from the modern culinary hub of Lima to the rainforest wonders of the Amazon.

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Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is rich in natural beauty and boasts several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the city of Quito, the Galapagos Islands, the historic centre of Santa Ana de los Ríos de Cuenca and Sangay National Park. From mangrove coastlines to sweeping beaches lining the Pacific coast to cloud forest and to some of the highest peaks in the South American Andes, Ecuador will captivate you with diverse scenery and a fascinating and colourful culture. Discover Quito, the urban jewel of the mainland with its wonderful colonial architecture and its stunning setting amidst the Andean Mountains.

Travel to the eastern part of Ecuador and the Amazon rainforest area, one of the most bio diverse regions on the planet. This is where shamans in remote settlements still rely on traditional medicines. Take an Ecuador tour to discover the wonders for yourself.

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From $655.00 per person

Few cities have a setting to match that of Quito, the second highest capital in Latin America after La Paz, Bolivia. Set in a hollow at the foot of the Pichincha Volcano, which stands at 4,794 metres.  

From $1,605.00 per person

This wonderful tour highlights the volcanic mountains, handicrafts and makets, archaelogical sites and the Devil’s Nose Trains travelling along the Avenue of the Volcanoes.

From $1,957.00 per person

Designed for travellers who prefer a land experience rather than cruising the Galapagos Islands, this tour encompasses all the beauty that Galapagos Islands offer, based on Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands.



From $3,895.00 per person

Discover a country of astonishing contrasts where cultural riches are surpassed only by breathtaking landscapes. Travel through the heart of Ecuador’s dramatic Avenue of the Volcanoes and rest by night in historic haciendas.  

From $13,635.00 per person

Welcome to the boutique lodge, Pikaia, headquarters for discovering nature’s headline act: the Galapagos Islands. Cruise between islands on a luxury yacht and meet the real-life inspiration behind Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

From $14,555.00 per person

Discover a treasure trove of natural and cultural wonders in Ecuador, on South America’s Pacific coast. Immerse yourself in its soaring capital city and stroll through the cobblestone plazas.

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Brazil, the country best known for soccer stars and the world’s most over-the-top Carnival is ready to prove that it’s more than just samba and swimsuits. The biggest country in South America, Brazil has 2,000 beaches and more than 1,000 islands. While many of them are densely populated, many are preserved ecological sanctuaries. The Amazon River, Rainforest, and Iguaçu Falls are the most famous natural attractions in Brazil, but the country also has more 62 National Parks and hundreds of conservation units. From architecture and cuisine to street art and friendly people, Brazil is a sensational destination.

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From $501.00 per person

Full of spirit, music and traditions from Africa, Salvador da Bahia is the soul of Brazil. Often referred to just as ‘Bahia’, it is the third largest city in Brazil and stands on the magnificent Bahia de Todos los Santos.  

From $689.00 per person

Visit the most famous landmarks of Rio de Janeiro including Christ the Redeemer Statue at Corcovado Hill and the world famous Sugar Loaf Mountain while you explore this spectacular city.

From $865.00 per person

Enjoy a walking tour of the historical city of Salvador. Visit the renowned Pelourinho, the largest assemblage of colonial buildings in Latin America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



From $1,299.00 per person

Amazon Ecopark Lodge is a located along the banks of the Tarumã River, a tributary of the Negro River, just an hour from Manaus.  

From $1,539.00 per person

Explore the island of Ilha Grande and the colonial town of Paraty. Ilha Grande is an island in the Brazilian state.

From $4,559.00 per person

A visit to Brazil means the discovery of a place touched with warm tropical sun and white sand beaches.



From $5,448.00 per person

See the contrasting biospheres of the Pantanal and the Amazon on this tour. Observe the differences in flora and fauna as you travel from the Amazon to the Pantanal wetlands.  

From $8,895.00 per person

Welcome to Brazil, a vast nation overflowing with vibrant cultures, unstoppable rhythms and infectious energy. Discover a city where music and dance are as vital to life as air and water.

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South America

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