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Why choose CF Mekong River Cruises

A cruise on our CFCF Mekong River Cruises Mekong River Cruises is more than just a cruise. We promise a memorable adventure that you will cherish. Come journey with us as we uncover the hidden gems of Indochina. Many of our passengers return to cruise with us again as they view our cruises as an unequalled opportunity to discover Cambodia, Vietnam and the Mekong River and not simply relaxing on board while cruising the river.

We blend in

We are tasteful. Our ships weave into the local tapestry delicately with the environment.  They are comfortable. They are cosy. But they are not over the top luxurious. They’re just right. And they fit in perfectly with the Vietnamese and Cambodian cultures

Unforgettable Adventure

We offer more than a usual river cruise. Unlike larger vessel lines catering to large groups we do not a floating hotel barge but a discovery ships aimed at giving you a real experience of Cambodia and Vietnam. On our charming vessels, you will explore rustic villages, hidden cultures and be one with the people.

Vessels That Can Navigate the Entire Length of the Mekong

True cruisers love to cruise and hate long bus transits. Unlike the vessels of competing cruise lines, our ships are small enough to navigate otherwise inaccessible parts of the Mekong such as the magnificent Gao canal, an exotic gateway to the heart of Saigon city. With us, there is no extended bus ride to traverse long stretches of the river inaccessible to other bigger ships.

We are the only cruise line that offers true point to point cruising along the entire length of the lower Mekong – we take you from the dock at Siem Reap all the way to Saigon harbour. Other cruise lines typically end their river cruises either on the midpoint of the Tonle Sap lake up to a half days drive by bus to Siem Reap and/or at the port of My Tho in Vietnam, which is an hours drive from Saigon, which means transportation for their passengers on their final day by bus.

Since December 2013 other cruise lines have had their itineraries altered at short notice, and/or forced their passengers to take bus detours as part of their river cruise because of ongoing bridge work on the Mekong. Our ships with their special shallow hulls are the only ones not affected by this work.

Our ships are intimate, charming, cosy and colonial-styled. They are filled with a character which evokes memories of a bygone era. Painstaking efforts have been taken to ensure a feeling of exquisite authenticity through the use of local materials, ranging from exotic tropical hardwood, palm wood and woven straw to give an elegant decorative finish.

We Don’t Cancel Our Cruises

We honour all our cruises no matter how many cabins have been booked. Most other cruise lines reserve the right to cancel a particular cruise even late in the season if their occupancy levels are not high enough.

Affordable Luxury

Our ships offer many of the luxuries present on larger vessels but in a more intimate and cosy cabin with a smaller group of passengers. Our smaller vessels consume less fuel and are subsequently not only more ecologically friendly but less expensive to cruise on. We pride ourselves on offering luxury at an affordable price.

Short 3 Day Excursions to the Angkor Wat

For those pressed for time, CFM is the only cruise company which offers a 3-day journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, home to the magnificent Angkor Wat temple complex.

Flexibility in Scheduling and Extending your Cruise

We cater to your varying requests. You prefer 2-5 more days to embrace the grandiosity of the Angkor Wat? No problem – with our cruise extensions tailor our programs to suit your needs.

Safety and Security

Your safety is our topmost priority. Our crew undergo rigorous firefighting, health and safety as well as first aid training before they are allowed on board. All CFM vessels are fully insured from specialised international marine insurance companies. Our hull and machinery are insured through GUIAN Marine Insurance brokers in France. And our passenger liability is underwritten by The Shipowners Protection Limited, based in the United Kingdom.

Socially and Environmentally Conscious

Not only our ships amongst the most fuel efficient and environmentally sound of all the vessels on the river. We actively seek to inform our passengers of the manifold threats to the fragile environment of the Mekong River and all the communities and traditions that depend on the Mekong for their livelihoods and way of life. We try to make a positive contribution to the debate on the environmental threats to the Mekong

Delicious Delights

Our cuisine is a delectable melange of East and West, a unique culinary experience that offers superb Western cuisine as well as authentic Khmer specialities.

Personalised Service

As our boats have a low number of cabins, we embrace you with unbridled warmth. We ensure that intimate bonds are created and friendships nurtured. And we remember your names.


RV Indochine

The Indochine river vessel offers a cruise – luxurious, stylish and cosy – on the Mekong. This 24-room boat measures 51 x 11 meters and boasts of detailed wood finishing. Onboard passengers can enjoy movies, fine dining, conferences, and numerous cultural activities in Indochine’s air-conditioned bar/lounge. The ship also has a spacious restaurant at the back of the upper deck where guests are able to relish delightful Continental and Asian cuisine. Spacious cabins are equipped with security boxes, hot showers, central A/C and large storage space.

RV Indochine II

Luxurious and spacious the Indochine II river vessel offers a cruise – luxurious, stylish and cosy – on the Mekong. This 31-room colonial styled ship measures 65 x 13 meter and is all clothed in traditional wear. Onboard passengers can enjoy swimming pool, private balconies, movies, fine dining, conferences, and numerous cultural activities in Indochine II’s air conditioned bar / lounge. The ship also has a spacious restaurant at the back of the upper deck where guests are able to relish delightful Continental and Asian cuisine. Spacious cabins are equipped with security boxes, hot-showers, central A/C and large storage space.

Approved by Bureau Veritas, the world’s leading company in testing, inspection and certification services.

RV Lan Diep

The Lan Diep is 22 cabin river vessel, inspired by the Mekong’s ancient tradition of river boat building. This vessel is spacious, luxurious and oozes quality. Lan Diep’s strong metallic hull is gently embedded in an exquisite wood colonial-styled finishing. Like its sister vessels, the Lan Diep was built with comfort and security in mind. Spacious cabins are equipped with security boxes, hot showers, central A/C and large storage space.

RV Toum Tiou 

Toum Tiou’s steel hull and sleek low draft make it the only true vessel that sails the Mekong. Toum Tiou and its sister vessel, Toum Tiou II, are the only ships which can sail from the Siem Reap pier to Saigon’s harbour. With other vessels, passengers have to disembark mid-river and continue on land.

Here’s another plus: Toum Tiou’s low draft allows it access to the remotest of villages and to gently hug the river line, affording passengers priceless views of people, flora and fauna – hardly touched by modernity. Toum Tiou was custom built for passenger privacy, intimacy, comfort and safety. Toum Tiou has 10 cosy double cabins; each with a private lounge area, air conditioning, hi-fi system, and en suite bathroom with hot/cold private shower.

RV Toum Tiou II

Discover Indochina along the Mekong river. The Toum Tiou II, like its sister vessel Toum Tiou, differs from other Mekong river boats as it is able to offer a true cruising experience between Siem Reap and Saigon. Not only can passengers sail the entire journey on the river but they also sail in close proximity to the river line; allowing them an unobstructed view of the delightfully rustic existence of the people in the vicinity. Other vessels are not custom built for such intimate navigation.

The Toum Tiou II offers an unmatched cruising experience of the Mekong with spectacular views of the Mekong’s fauna and flora and diverse day-to-day life of the people and cultures of Cambodia and Vietnam. Toum Tiou II offers even greater comfort with additional in-cabin facilities including a private lounge area, air conditioning, hi-fi system, en-suite bathroom with hot/cold private shower, complimentary tea and coffee. The 14 cosy cabins are fitted to the highest specifications with noble wood finishes in an elegant colonial style.

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