Overland Cycle Adventure from Bangkok to Phuket

This is a Overland Cycle Adventure in the true sense of the term. Start your journey with five days riding along the Gulf of Thailand on deserted blacktop and concrete roads through sleepy villages and coconut groves, then change gears to three days riding through scenic Khao Sok National Park area to reach the Andaman Coast. Here enjoy a dip in the stunning waters at Khao Lak before one last cycle down to Phuket. This is a satisfying and enjoyable ride and one that will leave you with very fond memories of a unique exploration of Southern Thailand.

574 Km riding. The riding on this tour is nicely varied. On the gulf side, we ride on mostly flat terrain and really quiet backroads, with the exception of two short highway sections. Once we get into the hinterland, there are some more sustained hills, but these are rarely longer than 2km and are nothing that could be described as steep. Once we reach the Andaman Coast, there are minimal hills. We do share the road with some traffic through Khao Sok National Park due to the absence of backroads and from Khao Lak to Phuket we spend 2/3 of our time on the main road.

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Riding: 34km cycling – We leave Bangkok early to beat much of the traffic. Hua Hin is where we will start cycling today, but not until late morning. An hour into the ride, we’ll be clear of the busier areas of Hua Hin and down on the coast where we will stop to refuel and then push on, arriving in the sleepy beach town of Pranburi as the light gets soft and the craving for a nice beverage starts to emerge.

Riding: 84km cycling – We’re in for a lovely ride today as we pedal through limestone hills and skirt the Sam Roi Yot National Park. A short way in, we will make a detour by road then a short trip by boat followed by a 30-minute walk up through light forest to reach a Phraya Nakhon Cave. This cave is enormous with a skylight hole at the top that allows sunlight to shine onto a throne that was built during the reign of King Chulalongkorn. A mystical exploration.

We hop back on the bikes and we are in for a very pleasant day of riding through a variety of landscapes, always punctuated by a glimpse of the coast. The hotel this evening is a pleasant, boutique style property.

Riding: 63km cycling – After waking to the soft sound of the Gulf of Thailand again, we set out on a satisfying ride that includes a short stretch of highway, but for the most part is on deserted backroads through groves, plantations and farms. We dismount our bikes for lunch in a tiny fishing community, then halfway through our ride, we start to cycle over some minor hills which make it all the more interesting. The destination for tonight is a really lovely beach of minor note with espresso readily available.

Riding: 104km cycling – Today tests those new leg muscles! There is a rest day coming up, so why not push yourself just a bit today and break through the 100km barrier just so you know you’ve still got it? The first part of this morning’s ride is one of the most stunning sections that we’ll see on the whole trip, and we have it all to ourselves without a vehicle in sight. Next, there is a short section where we share the road with some always-courteous drivers. After lunch in a picturesque cove, we pedal over some rolling hills to take us to the northern end of Chumphon where a family-owned lodge on the beach awaits.

There is nothing quite like enforced relaxation! Revel in your cycling accomplishments as you rest your legs and have a look around. Outside of our lodge, there isn’t much more than a small general store and miles and miles of beach- perfect for catching that tan! Enjoy a nice pool, great food and lots of icy cold beverages before we hop on the bikes again tomorrow.

Riding: 62km cycling – We begin the journey in the car today (for around 2.5 hours) to cover an extended section of highway and to set us up for another pleasant ride. We’ll mount our bikes around 10am and then find ourselves riding through rubber plantations and slow-paced village life where dogs are so relaxed they won’t even bat an eyelid as we pass. There is a bit of an incline near the end of the day and we roll into a simple, but enjoyable guesthouse by the river. A visit to the Ratchaprapa Viewpoint at sundown is a great way to finish up the day.

Riding: 67km cycling – We start today by riding through more green plantations, then over a section of main road as we pedal through the most dramatic sections of the Khao Sok Landscape with limestone cliffs in every direction. We dismount at our very special forest accommodation in the early afternoon, leaving plenty of time to take in the smells and sounds of the surrounding woods. If you have the energy, have a walk around or pursue a rafting adventure.

Riding: 78km cycling – Today is quite a hilly day, but with no sustained climbing. We leave the park after just a few kilometers before riding through peaceful farming areas. Stop at a hot spring to soak our aching muscles, and saddle on the bike and push on. Coming into Khao Lak may be a shock to the senses, as you are among tourists for the first time on this whole ride. This also means a variety of food and a supremely comfortable hotel.

Riding: 82km cycling – There is no glorifying this ride. There are some monotonous sections, but we promised a ride into Phuket! Luckily, the middle section of the ride is so beautiful, that it makes the other parts worth it. We conclude our ride by pedaling over the bridge to Phuket Island, then rolling into Nai Yang Beach and our comfortable final hotel.

The tour concludes today after breakfast. The checkout time at the hotel is noon. We are just a short transfer from the airport and will have a car ready to take you there or anywhere else on the island that suits you. Nai Yang is a nice place to spend a couple of nights, although it is somewhat removed from the more famous areas of Phuket.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
January: 27USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
March: 01USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
April: 10USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
August: 18USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
November: 10USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
December: 21USD $2,702.00USD $3,212.00
2021 Dates & Prices
January: 25USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
February: 23USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
April: 26USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
August: 16USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
November: 09USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
December: 24USD $2,702.00USD $3,212.00
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Meals: 9 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 7 dinners
Transport:Merida mountain bikes
Support Vehicle :An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation: 9 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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