Discover the Mountains of Laos by Bike

Discover the Mountains of Laos by Bike is the perfect tour for those who can’t find the time for an extended adventure. This tour is a compact, challenging ride through an intriguing part of Laos. We set off from Luang Prabang and ride our way through this amazingly green mountain range with small communities of Hmong and Khmu hill-tribes dotted throughout. Very light traffic adds to the enjoyment and allows us to really enjoy the downhills. This is sure to be a memorable trip across the most scenic mountain range in Southeast Asia, with views for miles, and some really satisfying riding.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Riding: 78km cycling – Your group leader will have made contact the evening before and will provide you the opportunity to try out your bike. In the morning, you meet your fellow riders and hit the road. Cycling out of Luang Prabang, we are faced with what is, without a doubt, the most difficult day of cycling on this tour and also one of the most rewarding with two huge uphill climbs. We pass through lush forest and many small Hmong villages that sit dwarfed by the amazing landscape of limestone mountains that surround them. We stay the night in a small junction village called Phukoun on top of the mountains. Few people stop here overnight so the accommodation is simple but adequate. We do drive a section today to reach our destination and keep the ride achievable.

Riding: 90km cycling – Another challenging day of cycling, beginning with a descent, then back into the climbs. There is a lot of up, a lot of down and not a lot of flat, but this is the northern mountains of Laos, so it is what is to be expected. We are riding today into Xieng Khouang Province, home of the highest peaks in Laos and the Plain of Jars. We stay this evening in the town of Phonsavan. We again drive a section today to reach our destination and keep the ride achievable.

This morning we drive to the mysterious Plain of Jars and explore by foot. These giant stone jars are distributed over an extensive area through an upland valley. The impressive ruins were probably used as burial vessels or as part of burial ritual, and are thought to date back to the Iron Age. After a morning exploring the fascinating Plain, we drive back to Phukoun for another night in this little-visited town. It may seem strange to be spending two nights in this out-of-the-way place, but the previous day of riding and the day exploring the Plain will surely be worth it. And the views from here are truly jaw-dropping.

Riding: 100km cycling – There is that old saying, that what goes up, must… Anyway, today you get to enjoy something of a payoff for the climbing of the last couple of days. The main descent is a continual, very enjoyable 20km and the rest of the day continues on a similar trend, although there are some short sections where you need to have your climbing legs ready. We ride door to door today and expect to arrive into the very beautiful Vang Vieng in the late afternoon. Vang Vieng is famed as a chillout town and refuge of the homesick backpacker. A pizza may even be in order if you need a break from the rice.

Riding: 30km cycling – With only a few short pedal strokes, we find ourselves in some truly beautiful countryside where rice paddies are framed by jutting limestone karsts. We visit a lagoon for a swim and stop off at a cave along the way. We return to town just after lunch and have a shower before boarding the van for the drive into Vientiane. Upon arrival in Vientiane, we will take you to your hotel or to the airport.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
January: 06USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
February: 17USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
June: 06USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
July: 06USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
October: 12USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
December: 07USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
December: 28USD $1,610.00USD $1,740.00
2021 Dates & Prices
February: 21USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
June: 07USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
July: 05USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
October: 11USD $1,400.00USD $1,570.00
December: 31USD $1,610.00USD $1,740.00
Private Tour also AvailablePrice on ApplicationPrice on Application

Meals: 4 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 4 Dinners
Transport:Merida, Giant or Trek (actual make of bike may vary) mountain bikes
Support Vehicle:An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation: 4 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Overland Cycle Adventure from Bangkok to Phuket

This is a Overland Cycle Adventure in the true sense of the term. Start your journey with five days riding along the Gulf of Thailand on deserted blacktop and concrete roads through sleepy villages and coconut groves, then change gears to three days riding through scenic Khao Sok National Park area to reach the Andaman Coast. Here enjoy a dip in the stunning waters at Khao Lak before one last cycle down to Phuket. This is a satisfying and enjoyable ride and one that will leave you with very fond memories of a unique exploration of Southern Thailand.

574 Km riding. The riding on this tour is nicely varied. On the gulf side, we ride on mostly flat terrain and really quiet backroads, with the exception of two short highway sections. Once we get into the hinterland, there are some more sustained hills, but these are rarely longer than 2km and are nothing that could be described as steep. Once we reach the Andaman Coast, there are minimal hills. We do share the road with some traffic through Khao Sok National Park due to the absence of backroads and from Khao Lak to Phuket we spend 2/3 of our time on the main road.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Riding: 34km cycling – We leave Bangkok early to beat much of the traffic. Hua Hin is where we will start cycling today, but not until late morning. An hour into the ride, we’ll be clear of the busier areas of Hua Hin and down on the coast where we will stop to refuel and then push on, arriving in the sleepy beach town of Pranburi as the light gets soft and the craving for a nice beverage starts to emerge.

Riding: 84km cycling – We’re in for a lovely ride today as we pedal through limestone hills and skirt the Sam Roi Yot National Park. A short way in, we will make a detour by road then a short trip by boat followed by a 30-minute walk up through light forest to reach a Phraya Nakhon Cave. This cave is enormous with a skylight hole at the top that allows sunlight to shine onto a throne that was built during the reign of King Chulalongkorn. A mystical exploration.

We hop back on the bikes and we are in for a very pleasant day of riding through a variety of landscapes, always punctuated by a glimpse of the coast. The hotel this evening is a pleasant, boutique style property.

Riding: 63km cycling – After waking to the soft sound of the Gulf of Thailand again, we set out on a satisfying ride that includes a short stretch of highway, but for the most part is on deserted backroads through groves, plantations and farms. We dismount our bikes for lunch in a tiny fishing community, then halfway through our ride, we start to cycle over some minor hills which make it all the more interesting. The destination for tonight is a really lovely beach of minor note with espresso readily available.

Riding: 104km cycling – Today tests those new leg muscles! There is a rest day coming up, so why not push yourself just a bit today and break through the 100km barrier just so you know you’ve still got it? The first part of this morning’s ride is one of the most stunning sections that we’ll see on the whole trip, and we have it all to ourselves without a vehicle in sight. Next, there is a short section where we share the road with some always-courteous drivers. After lunch in a picturesque cove, we pedal over some rolling hills to take us to the northern end of Chumphon where a family-owned lodge on the beach awaits.

There is nothing quite like enforced relaxation! Revel in your cycling accomplishments as you rest your legs and have a look around. Outside of our lodge, there isn’t much more than a small general store and miles and miles of beach- perfect for catching that tan! Enjoy a nice pool, great food and lots of icy cold beverages before we hop on the bikes again tomorrow.

Riding: 62km cycling – We begin the journey in the car today (for around 2.5 hours) to cover an extended section of highway and to set us up for another pleasant ride. We’ll mount our bikes around 10am and then find ourselves riding through rubber plantations and slow-paced village life where dogs are so relaxed they won’t even bat an eyelid as we pass. There is a bit of an incline near the end of the day and we roll into a simple, but enjoyable guesthouse by the river. A visit to the Ratchaprapa Viewpoint at sundown is a great way to finish up the day.

Riding: 67km cycling – We start today by riding through more green plantations, then over a section of main road as we pedal through the most dramatic sections of the Khao Sok Landscape with limestone cliffs in every direction. We dismount at our very special forest accommodation in the early afternoon, leaving plenty of time to take in the smells and sounds of the surrounding woods. If you have the energy, have a walk around or pursue a rafting adventure.

Riding: 78km cycling – Today is quite a hilly day, but with no sustained climbing. We leave the park after just a few kilometers before riding through peaceful farming areas. Stop at a hot spring to soak our aching muscles, and saddle on the bike and push on. Coming into Khao Lak may be a shock to the senses, as you are among tourists for the first time on this whole ride. This also means a variety of food and a supremely comfortable hotel.

Riding: 82km cycling – There is no glorifying this ride. There are some monotonous sections, but we promised a ride into Phuket! Luckily, the middle section of the ride is so beautiful, that it makes the other parts worth it. We conclude our ride by pedaling over the bridge to Phuket Island, then rolling into Nai Yang Beach and our comfortable final hotel.

The tour concludes today after breakfast. The checkout time at the hotel is noon. We are just a short transfer from the airport and will have a car ready to take you there or anywhere else on the island that suits you. Nai Yang is a nice place to spend a couple of nights, although it is somewhat removed from the more famous areas of Phuket.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
January: 27USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
March: 01USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
April: 10USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
August: 18USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
November: 10USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
December: 21USD $2,702.00USD $3,212.00
2021 Dates & Prices
January: 25USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
February: 23USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
April: 26USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
August: 16USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
November: 09USD $2,350.00USD $2,860.00
December: 24USD $2,702.00USD $3,212.00
Private Tour also AvailablePrice on ApplicationPrice on Application

Meals: 9 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 7 dinners
Transport:Merida mountain bikes
Support Vehicle :An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation: 9 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Central Vietnam Discovery by Bike

Vietnam offers cyclists a host of remarkable riding opportunities, and this tour takes full advantage of that. As you make your way from the energetic city of Ho Chi Minh along the coast to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and stunning natural wonders, through mountains and countryside to Hoi An, you’ll experience everything from historic monuments and citadels to small fishing villages, the caves of Phong Nha, and countless rice fields. Explore Hue’s Imperial City, cycle the scenic Hai Van Pass, and check out the ruins of My Son as you visit these must-see locations as well as authentic off-the-beaten-track spots. You’ll see all the beauty and learn much of the history of Vietnam. Hop on your bikes and join us for this ultimate Vietnam experience.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Welcome to the fascinating city of Ho Chi Minh, also known by its former name Saigon, famous for ending the Vietnam War when it fell to the North Vietnamese in 1975. In addition to its historical significance, Saigon is Vietnam’s most populated city, full of activity and home to classic examples of French colonial architecture and an innovative culinary scene.

We will meet in our hotel at 3 pm for a briefing and introduction before heading out on a special nighttime tour of the best food Saigon has to offer. This night will delight foodies and skeptics alike, with a stop for drinks at a local cafe, tasting of a variety of specialties at two different restaurants, a visit to a coffee shop with live music, and a taste of Vietnamese nightlife at a local bar. Don’t forget to bring your appetite!

Riding: 35km cycling – This morning we’ll head to the airport for a short flight to Dong Hoi before we take to our bikes. Dong Hoi is a pleasant seaside port town with hardly a tourist in sight, and we’ll spend our morning pedaling through its bright river valley. After lunch, we’ll ride to Chay Lap where we’ll stay in the night at a farm homestay amidst towering hills and lush greenery. This is a unique opportunity to delve into Vietnamese culture in this rural setting of untouched farming land.

Head underground into the mysterious Phong Nha cave and underground rivers that make up this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The day’s cave exploration requires an hour of trekking, but the unique rock formations of the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park are ample reward for your efforts. We’ll make our way along the stalagmites and stalactites, past the beautiful reef and sandbank, to the spectacular underground lake.

The afternoon and evening are free for you to enjoy a drink by the pool at our farmstay, or explore this incredibly fertile and unspoiled area nestled far from the bustling cities and crazy tourist scenes of much of this Southeast Asian country.

Riding: 30km cycling – Once we’ve taken a train ride to Hue, we’ll warm up our legs with a scenic bike ride through the countryside. We’ll pass friendly locals hard at work, a variety of animals grazing in their pastures, and the peaceful surroundings of this rural area. Pedal past the peaceful Lap An lagoon tucked into the landscape like something out of a movie! Tonight make your own way around the historical city of Hue.

Riding: 30km cycling – A day of historical exploration awaits as we hop on our bikes and cycle to some of the highlights of this ancient city. We’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Imperial City for a tour of its citadel and grounds, then head to the sacred tombs of former Vietnamese emperors, such as the opulent 19th century Tu Duc tomb along the river. This evening we will enjoy dinner in a private home, with the chance to taste proper Vietnamese cooking and hear the stories of this delightful family.

Riding: 50km cycling – Today we’ll transfer out of Hue to the starting point of our ride. Make sure to get a good stretch before you pedal along the Hai Van Pass. This 21 kilometer stretch of road, with 10 kilometers of steady, achievable climbing, traverses part of the Truong Son mountain range of Vietnam, and as it winds its way through the mountains, the route provides spectacular views of the coast down below.

Have your camera at the ready to snap some pictures of this idyllic blue and green scenery as you rest along this climb. We’ll pedal to an ancient Buddha statue set on a headland near Da Nang City before transferring the rest of the way to Hoi An. Once in the city, we’ll take to the streets for a walking tour of the Old Town and a wonderful dinner together there.

Riding: 25-45km cycling – Early this morning you’ll have the option to kayak along the Thu Bon river as the sun rises above the city of Hoi An. If you can get yourself up, the experience is totally worth it! Later we’ll pedal across the river into the countryside, passing through small traditional villages, onto dirt pathways past family farms and rice fields, exchanging smiles with workers along the way.

After renewing our energy with a snack, we’ll cycle on towards the ruins of My Son: another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once we’ve arrived, we’ll have the chance to wander through these ruins built by the Cham people who were originally Hindu and later evolved to practice Islam. The Cham kingdom was eventually conquered by the Vietnamese and then the Khmer, but the ruins of this sacred sanctuary remain in good shape, though covered in moss. We will transfer from My Son back to Hoi An.

Riding: 50km cycling – This morning we will transfer an hour to the small, provincial city of Tam Ky before beginning our bike route that brings us back along the coast towards Hoi An. Take a peek above the handlebars, and catch a glimpse of headstones and graves that dot the landscape along the sand dunes and waterways. Once we’ve reached the Cua Dai bridge that spans the Thu Bon River, we’ll take a boat back to ancient Hoi An. Tonight let’s make the most of our last Vietnamese meal together at our farewell dinner.

Our tour concludes today with a transfer back to the Da Nang Airport.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
February: 01USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
March: 28USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
May: 09USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
June: 20USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
August: 01USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
November: 14USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
2021 Dates & Prices
February: 20USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
March: 27USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
May: 09USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
July: 03, 31USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
November: 13USD $2,400.00USD $3,290.00
Private Tour also AvailablePrice on ApplicationPrice on Application
Meals: 8 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 5 Dinners
Transport:Cannondale CX3 mountain bikes
Support Vehicle :An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation: 8 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Cycle from the South to the North

Some of the highlights of Vietnam are the stunning and diverse geography of towering mountains, picturesque coastline and endless green rice fields, the delicious cuisine, the friendliness of the people, and the intrigue at such a long culture of independence and national pride.

Our bike trip showcases the best of all these aspects of the country. We take a classic cycling route between the commercial hub of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and the capital of Hanoi. We then add the trademark Grasshopper touch to it by cycling on the most charming back road and trails experiencing the real countryside.

Our newest addition to the itinerary includes a ride near Phong Nha, made famous by the recent discovery of massive cave systems. There’s even a day of cave exploration for outdoor adventurers.

With minimal driving and maximum cycling, this is a truly unique bike trip. We spent months mapping out the best route so that you can take just two weeks to see the full range of this amazing country.

With many kilometers of stunning beaches and dramatic coastal roads, as well as some of the freshest seafood going, this trip is an indulgent experience. We are never far from a beach and stay in comfortable hotels to make this trip one of our most luxurious adventure tours.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

We meet in the bustling commercial capital of Vietnam. We’ll head out and explore the culinary side of the city this evening and have a group briefing on the trip ahead.

Riding: 20km cycling – After a morning flight to Quy Nhon, we spend the afternoon pedaling around this idyllic seaside town and learning about the work of a dedicated lady who has single-handedly established a center to provide vocational training for young, disabled Vietnamese.

Riding: 75km cycling – Today we start our cycling journey properly as we leave Quy Nhon on a quiet back road along a sand dune peninsula with great views back over the bay and the mountains. We see lots of coast today as we undulate along the well-made road with friendly villagers waving and cheering us on as we pedal past. We’ll take a short drive at the end of the day to get us into the tiny village of Tam Quan.

Riding: 85km cycling – A varied and highly enjoyable day lies ahead of us. We spend the morning riding along the coast then head inland to take in an array of new scenery.

We’ll pedal down some quiet roads, then ride along a railway road and pass farmers tending to rice fields and looking after water buffalo. Our home for the night is Quang Ngai, a small city of little note. Even so, the comfortable hotel, nice river view and a swimming pool make Quang Ngai a pleasant place to stay.

Riding: 85km cycling – We start today with a visit to one of Vietnam’s more sobering sites, the My Lai Massacre Memorial. It was here that the tragic massacre occurred that, once exposed, caused a turning point in American public opinion towards the American-Vietnam war. From here we get our bikes and pedal around the village. Along the way we may stop for a visit to bamboo basket workshop. This traditional form of craftsmanship is harder to find in cities, yet these skills still flourish here in the village. We enjoy a lunch of the freshest seafood possible and stay in the town of Tam Ky.

Riding: 55km cycling – Today will be a highlight of your cycling on this tour. First we’ll park our bikes at the hero mother statue for an insight into the past. The hero mother in question was a lady who lost 11 sons, her husband and her grandson to the American-Vietnam conflict. This story underscores the terrible losses suffered by all people involved in war. From here, we ride dirt roads through sleepy fishing villages with friendly faces popping out to say hello. Duck and chicken farms are also present through today, so we can stop and learn a little about this particular means of income generation. We then take a boat ride to reach Hoi An, a fitting way to enter this ancient port town.

Today is a free day for you to enjoy Hoi An. We offer an optional morning ride of the town and the surrounding countryside, but you might prefer to sleep in.

Hoi An has a long history dating back as far as the first century, but is known mostly for its role as a trading port for Chinese and Japanese sea merchants during the 17th and 18th centuries. The beauty of the town was miraculously spared the damage that many towns suffered during the American-Vietnam war. Today Hoi An is a UNESCO world heritage listed town that cannot be compared to anywhere else in Indochina. It is an intriguing, photogenic old town, located just a short distance from a beautiful beach where you can sit and sip a coconut.

Riding: 70km cycling – Beginning at the hotel in Hoi An, we’ll take a short drive to Red Beach in Danang. After a strong Vietnamese coffee, we’ll hit the bikes.

Our scenic day of cycling from Danang starts near the base of the iconic Hai Van Pass, a 10km long climb along a winding road with a gradient averaging 5.8%. At the top, we enjoy amazing views over the coast before we take the thrilling descent into the charming beachside town of Lang Co.

Lunch Today will be at a small, local, delicious eatery. Fully refueled, we continue riding along a quiet stretch of road and then by the largest salt-water lagoon in Vietnam

At the end of the ride, we will transfer directly to our hotel in Hue by van, avoiding the congestion on the edge of town.

Riding: 30km cycling – One of Vietnam’s most beautiful and historic cities, Hue does not get anywhere near the tourist attention it deserves. The city center and countryside are a historic showcase of culture and architecture.

Our biking today takes us to many of the important historic sites of the city – from the Tombs of ancient rulers to the remnants of the stunning Citadel. Before lunch, we’ll relax on a lovely small boat heading back to Hue on the Perfume River.

The ride today includes a bit of up and down through the city and countryside. Early afternoon we’ll arrive back to our beautiful hotel where’s there’s time to enjoy the pool or the on-site spa.

Riding: 40km cycling – We hop in the van this morning to make up some time heading towards the former borderline between North and South Vietnam.

Near the DMZ we set up the bikes and headed off to explore this area of significance during the American & Vietnamese war. The bridge across the Ben Hai River marks the former dividing line between North & South. We continue cycling a scenic route along the coast, now showcasing dramatic bluffs to the small village of Vinh Moc. During the war, villagers here created an elaborate tunnel system where commerce and life thrived underground as battles raged along the DMZ.

Later in the day, we will hop back in the van for the drive to Phong Nha. The flat coastal countryside quickly gives way to rolling hills and the impressive sight of karsts, the small craggy mountains for which the region is known.

Tonight is the first of three at the beautiful, remote Chay Lap farm stay for an authentic experience. There’s time for a cold beer or a glass of wine, and enough light to capture what will be the first of many memorable photographs of this region.

Riding: 65km cycling – After breakfast this morning we’ll head out for an exploratory ride up and through the breathtaking Phong Nha valley. Our route takes us along the old Ho Chi Minh trail. You’ll enjoy pedaling with these idyllic surroundings.

There are a couple of steep climbs through the Phong Nha National Park, but after Hai Van Pass you’ll be well prepared. The support van is always ready to assist just in case.

Following a snack and a rest stop, we descend down to the town of Phong Nha for lunch. We continue to wind through the beautiful valley, taking a local ferry to cross the river and make it back to Chay Lap by late afternoon.

Today is about below ground, not above. Cave exploring is the main reason more and more visitors flock to the region. While on your tour, your Grasshopper guide will discuss cave options and make recommendations based on your physical ability and interest. Our preferred full day cave exploration requires an hour’s trekking. This cave exploration is unforgettable and undoubtedly a highlight of the trip. Also, weather conditions above ground may dictate which caves we explore underground.

We take a morning flight to Hanoi. In the afternoon, we walk the streets of this buzzing city with its constant clash of new and old and the continuing theme of delicious, plentiful food. We then celebrate the end of our adventure over dinner.

There are no activities planned today and you can depart any time you wish. Should you wish to travel to Halong Bay, please inquire with our staff at the time of booking and we can offer travel advice.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
March: 16USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
May: 18USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
August: 17USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
2021 Dates & Prices
January: 10USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
March: 15USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
May: 17 USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
August: 16USD $4,100.00USD $5,160.00
Private Tour also AvailablePrice on ApplicationPrice on Application
Meals: 13 Breakfasts, 11 Lunches, 11 Dinners
Transport:GT Avalanche Sport or E-bike
Flight:Air Ticket: Ho Chi Minh City / Quy Nhon - Phong Nha / Hanoi
Support Vehicle :An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation: 13 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Portrait of Cambodia

Discover the Portrait of Cambodia. Venture to the bohemian city of Battambang to explore the local market and colonial architecture. Explore the ancient temple of Ek Phnom, the Killing Caves of Phnom Sampeau and the five-spire temple of Phnom Banan. Discover the iconic temples of Angkor including the favourites of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Day 1: Arrive Phnom Penh

On arrival in Phnom Penh, be transferred to your hotel.

Hotel: Cardamom Hotel, 2 nights

Day 2: Phnom Penh

Enjoy a full day city tour of Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. Visit the National Museum, the Royal Palace and the beautiful Silver Pagoda. In the afternoon, visit the chilling Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocidal Crimes and the Killing Fields memorial of Choeng Ek. Both sites give an important insight into Cambodia’s turbulent history.

Day 3: Phnom Penh to Battambang

Travel north to Battambang, and discover a bohemian city filled with charm on the banks of the Stung Sangke River. Walk along the riverside to see some of Cambodia’s most impressive colonial architecture and explore the local market.

Hotel: Stung Sangke Hotel, 2 nights

Day 4: Battambang

On a full day tour, head to the ancient temple of Ek Phnom, and stop at a rice paper-making village. Ek Phnom is a partly collapsed 11th century temple featuring impressive and intricate carvings. Visit the Killing Caves of Phnom Sampeau, and enjoy breathtaking rural views from the summit. Climb up 358 steps to explore Phnom Banan with its five-spire temple, stop at a small local winery and experience a unique bamboo train ride. Return to Battambang for the evening.

Day 5: Battambang to Siem Reap

From Battambang, journey through some of Cambodia’s prettiest landscapes to Siem Reap. Gateway to the temples of Angkor, Siem Reap is a small city filled with interesting sights, charm and atmosphere.

Hotel: Somadevi Angkor Hotel & Spa, 2 nights

Day 6: Siem Reap – Temples of Angkor

Rise early and venture by tuk-tuk to the East Gate of the temples of Angkor. Away from the crowds, see the sun rise over Angkor Wat’s iconic spires. Spend the morning exploring Angkor Wat, see the many faces of Bayon and discover Preah Khan, before returning to your hotel for some free time. After midday, travel to the outlying temple of Banteay Kdei, explore tree-covered Ta Prohm and see the sun set over Angkor Wat.

Day 7: Depart Siem Reap

Enjoy breakfast before being transferred to the airport where your Portrait of Cambodia Journey finishes.

2019 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
Departs Siem Reap daily From $1,265.00Price on Application
Meals: 6 Breakfasts
Transport:Airport Transfers & Transport in air-conditioned vehicles
Accommodation: 6 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English-speaking guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Explore the Highlights of Northern Thailand by bike

Our cycling journey through Northern Thailand begins in the city of Chiang Rai, home to the famous White Temple which we will pedal to visit. After an exploration of the local night market, we’ll hop on our bikes and ride to the dramatic Chiang Dao mountain where our efforts will be rewarded with jaw-dropping views. Here we’ll have the chance to pedal our way through Pha Daeng National Park, past impressive limestone karsts and idyllic waterfalls.

Ride to the sloping landscapes of Maetang, where we’ll have the chance to learn about a carefully-chosen elephant sanctuary and make the most of our surroundings with some engaging activities.

From here, we make our way on two wheels to Chiang Mai, perhaps the most well-known northern Thailand city. We’ll delve into the local culture with a food tour that showcases the highlights of this flavorful (and often spicy!) cuisine, a tour of a local botanical garden, and visits to the spiritual sites of Doi Suthep and the Monk’s Trail. This tour encapsulates the best of the Chiang Mai region and provides the opportunity to make genuine connections with friendly locals, great riding and plenty of picturesque landscapes.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Riding: 45km cycling – Welcome to Chiang Rai! We’ll start our tour by meeting in the lobby at 10 am ready to head out and explore this interesting Northern city. Our loop ride along the Kok river takes us pedaling through the region’s bucolic countryside, past coffee and tea plantations, local communities and riverside fields.

We’ll stop for a quick look at the local pineapple market, with produce so fresh from the surrounding farms that it often sells out early in the day! Our first day’s ride drops us right back at the hotel door and you can spend the afternoon at your leisure. Tonight we’ll enjoy the first of many delicious Thai dinners after a walking tour of the lively Night Bazaar.

Riding: 65km cycling – We’ll start off the morning with a ride through the backroads and fields, pedaling to the city’s iconic White Temple. Wat Rong Khun, constructed in 1997, is an unconventional piece of Thai architecture that looks like something out of an ice kingdom and is sure to spark your interest. After our visit, we’ll hop on the bikes again and ride out to Singha Park. This place is extremely popular with the Thai community and will give you a snapshot of the fun lifestyle of modern Thais’.

In the afternoon we will visit a locally-based coffee house known as The Roastery, where we’ll meet the owner, who has not only built a successful business but is also deeply passionate about helping local hill tribe communities start sustainable coffee plantations. He’ll take us through the growing and roasting process, and everything that goes into making a great coffee before we try it for ourselves.

Riding: 40km cycling – Our morning begins with a longtail boat transfer up the Kok river, avoiding the hilliest terrain outside of Chiang Rai to Tha Ton district. This is the perfect time to sit back and enjoy the scenery as your guide shares more about the surrounding region. From here we mount the bikes and head south, reaching further and further into Thailand’s rural landscapes, riding through local communities on quiet roads surrounded by greenery.

A nourishing lunch is followed by a transfer through the hills to our destination, the mountainside town of Chiang Dao. In the evening we’ll enjoy a good meal made with fresh local ingredients and meet a local beer brewer to sample some of his amber goodness.

Riding: 60km cycling – Today is the day the mountains of Northern Thailand truly shine! We begin with a transfer into the hills of the Araksa Tea Plantations for a cup of their finest brew to settle ourselves for the ride ahead. Astride your wheels today we’ll be exploring the district of Mae Taeng. Our ride consists of several short sharp hills, but don’t be afraid to put in a solid effort today as tomorrow we have a day off the bikes to enjoy the mountain tranquility. A support van is always on hand, as it is throughout the tour, if you feel like giving your legs a rest. Our ride concludes with a final climb into Mae Rim and the door of our impressive mountainside accommodation.

On our day off the bikes in the hills of Chiang Mai province, you’ll have the opportunity to seek out some more active adventure, whether it be trekking through the bamboo forests, white-water rafting, or ziplining through the jungle. You could also take advantage of the breathtaking surroundings with a hike to a nearby waterfall for a blissful swim.

Alternatively you can use this day to rest and recharge. Our chosen resort has many recreational facilities to take advantage of, including a large swimming pool overlooking the valley where you can spend the morning soaking up the views. There is also a spa where you can pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage or any number of their available treatments. The day is yours to enjoy as you wish.

Riding: 40km cycling – Let’s saddle up on our bikes and start the ride to Chiang Mai! Today the hills are in our favor as we pedal down to meet the scenic Ping River. From here, the route is quite flat and a welcome respite from the previous climbing, allowing you to enjoy the views from over your handlebars.

Upon our arrival in Chiang Mai, we’ll check into our delightful resort before taking part in an afternoon cooking class and getting truly hands-on with traditional northern Thai cuisine. This is an experience that keeps on giving, in addition to enjoying all the delicious dishes you prepare, you can take your new-found skills home with you and share your favorite Thai specialties with family and friends.

Riding: 40km cycling – Today we’ll make our way on two wheels through the surroundings of Chiang Mai, cycling through the countryside, over mild hills to a botanical garden. After a tour of the botanical garden’s vibrant hues and sweet fragrances, we will make our way back along scenic roads to the hotel, where you’ll have time to enjoy the pool or another well-earned Thai massage before our evening activity.

Tonight we give our taste buds a workout on a food tour of the city, and you’ll likely have worked up a healthy appetite from today’s adventures! We’ll make our way through this famous northern city to hole-in-the-wall local restaurants, markets, and bars to try authentic dishes such as red curry, spicy papaya salad, classic pad thai, and mango sticky rice. Is your mouth watering yet? Along the way, we’ll meet countless friendly Thai locals, likely curious about your adventures, and will have the opportunity to trade stories with these people in the “Land of Smiles”.

Riding: 35km cycling – Today we have a bit of a climb in store as we tackle the route up Doi Suthep, a landmark mountain that stands over Chiang Mai and offers incredible views of the city down below. Although this ascent will work out the leg muscles, you’ll be rewarded with one of Chiang Mai’s most famous and culturally significant sites, the beautifully ornate Wat Phra That Doi Suthep pagoda and panoramic views over the city!

After exploring the site we can enjoy a nature walk in one of Thailand’s national parks and possibly sample some mountain-grown coffee before a transfer back down the hill.

Hike & Cycle options – Enjoy the morning at your leisure, exploring town, relaxing by the pool or maybe trying some other activities in town, your tour leader can help with suggestions. The tour concludes upon checkout from our Chiang Mai resort.

Your guide is happy to assist you in making further travel arrangements, or you are welcome to join any Grasshopper day tour in Chiang Mai for further bike exploration of the city and surrounds.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
January: 11USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
February: 15USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
June: 13USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
October: 03USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
November: 21USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
December: 19USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
2021 Dates & Prices
January: 09USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
February: 14USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
June: 19USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
October: 02USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
November: 20USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
December: 18USD $2,800.00USD $3,460.00
Private Tour also AvailablePrice on ApplicationPrice on Application
Meals: 8 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 8 dinners
Transport: Cannondale Quick 1 Disc mountain bikes
Support Vehicle :An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation:8 nights accommodation
Guide: Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Cycle Cambodia – Angkor & Beyond

A Cycle Cambodia Adventure Near Siem Reap Beyond Angkor Wat. Go beyond Angkor Wat to cycle tour hidden temples, explore tropical forests, spot wildlife and ride amazing single tracks in the Siem Reap region. Enjoy a unique tour of Cambodia while also making a meaningful financial contribution to conservation in the Kingdom of Wonder. This a bicycle adventure tour near Siem Reap which takes you to the Angkor temples and beyond.

If you are a fan of open skies and country landscapes, if you are looking for something truly removed from the norm, then this is the trip for you. Balancing exquisite accommodation with cycling and exploration into the truly wild parts of Cambodia, all within relatively easy reach of Siem Reap, this is a trip of contrast and discovery.

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

You will be greeted on arrival by a driver and taken to your centrally located hotel. After a chance to familiarize yourself with your charming and very comfortable accommodation, your guide will meet you to discuss the trip ahead, to fit your bike for you and to begin the adventure on a culinary level. This evening we eat at one of Siem Reap’s best restaurants where the menu changes weekly to ensure that we enjoy the best seasonal produce available. Your guide can offer a great insight into the background and context of the meal and will also provide an overview of Cambodia and its customs, traditions, history and current state of affairs. This is a great introduction to Cambodia and the adventure ahead.

Riding: 25km cycling – It’s an early start this morning, but one that will provide you an unforgettable memory. As the roosters begin to crow and the dogs of the village stir, you will be standing in front of the most important religious monument in Cambodia, Angkor Wat. Take in the colors of sunrise over the spires of this sacred temple from a quiet viewing spot, then explore the grounds in the glowing morning light and cool temperatures as the crowds fade. Learn about the history of this impressive UNESCO World Heritage structure before you enjoy a delicious breakfast spread close by in a quiet jungle spot.

We then continue by bike through the Angkor Park on back trails through the forest, at times cycling on levees and walls built by the great kings of the Khmer Kingdom or more precisely, their laborers and artisans. We take in the iconic faces of Bayon temple, jungle-swallowed Ta Prohm and then a few lesser known temples, all the while avoiding the main throng of tourists. As the day heats up, we sit down to lunch overlooking one of the smaller reservoirs of the complex, Sra Srang. When you have eaten to contentment, it’s just a short ride in the car back to the hotel. This evening is free time for you to explore the town on your own.

Riding: 80km cycling – After starting out with a drive to reach the foot of the Kulen Ranges, we take a challenging ride up through the varying layers of vegetation to reach the waterfall area on the plateau. After a refreshing dip in the water and a bite to eat, we pedal on through fantastic undulating single track, made mostly from walking trails, guided by a ranger from the National Park.

In the afternoon we enter more remote areas where the stunning forest of deciduous dipterocarp is home to various wildlife. A sharp descent down an escarpment brings us to our campsite for the evening, set up for us by the nearby villagers. After a rest, we take a hike up to the nearby hilltop for a breathtaking view out over the valley. A great meal then a bed under the stars, tops off a great day on the bike. This is a day of true adventure in the Cambodian wilderness.

After dinner, there is the option of a night walk to see if we can find any of the wild residents of the area, such as giant flying squirrels, civets, muntjacs, mouse deer, leopard cats, macaques, langurs, gibbons and even bears.

Riding: 40km cycling – After a hearty breakfast, it’s back on the bikes. We have some more undulations and a steep climb before we descend into the next valley on a rough, yet very enjoyable, trail. As we reach the flatlands, we find ourselves among dry forest and sandier conditions. We cycle to the ACCB Wildlife Conservation Centre near Kbal Spean late morning and have a tour of this facility. Here we see enormous birds, cheeky langur monkeys, gibbons and more, and we can often hear hornbills overhead.

We return to Siem Reap late afternoon by car to find that a spa treatment awaits. This will iron out those tight muscles and aches accumulated over the last few days. Dinner is in relaxed surroundings this evening.

Today it’s time to swap the bike for a kayak. After shuttling out on a motor-boat, we enter the Prek Toul Sanctuary on Asia’s largest lake, the Tonle Sap. Here we take to the kayaks and explore the sanctuary in a low impact and highly enjoyable way. This area hosts one of the largest breeding colonies of water birds in South East Asia and is a real treat, even for those who would not consider themselves bird-watchers. After exiting the sanctuary, we paddle through the small floating communities that live on the lake and derive their incomes from fishing. This is a fascinating glimpse into authentic Cambodian life on the lake.

We return to Siem Reap late afternoon and have one last great dinner in this town of great variety.

The tour concludes today after breakfast. A driver will be ready to take you to the airport as required. Should you wish to remain in Siem Reap or explore Cambodia further, our team can assist with any travel advice.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
Departs Siem Reap daily USD $2,400.00USD $2,850.00
Meals: 5 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 4 Dinners
Transport:Airport transfers, Hotel Transfer to starting point of the ride & Cannondale CX3
Support Van:An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available in case you want a break from riding, and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation: 5 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Bike Adventure from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

This is the best way to tour Thailand’s north, cycling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Start off in Thailand’s busy capital, Bangkok, before riding through the ancient kingdoms of Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. Explore the highlights of the rural north on two-wheels and immerse yourself in the country’s early history along the way. Among many other cultural and historic sites of note, this back-country cycle route takes you past Thailand’s tallest mountain, Doi Inthanon, through small Thai villages and the imposing walled city of Lamphun.

With smiling locals cheering you on, you will discover a great deal about the northern reaches of this exciting country on two wheels, topping off a memorable bike adventure with your arrival in the city of Chiang Mai.

This is a fulfilling bike tour that will leave you with new cherished memories of your journey from one great Thai city to another, through back roads and byways, with plenty of sights, smells, delicious food and highlights discovered best on two wheels.

326 Km riding. This ride is a mixture of flat terrain with a few days of rolling hills. Most of the trip is on rural back roads and occasionally on dirt roads and highways. This ride is achievable by anyone who can ride a bike for the distances involved (and if not just jump in the air conditioned support vehicle for a rest).

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok & Overnight Train

We will meet in the late afternoon at a hotel near Bangkok’s main railway station. If you are flying in, we will gladly pick you up from the airport (Please note that your flight needs to arrive before 3 pm) before we board a train. The sleeper train is a nice alternative to flying for long-distance travel in Thailand. The train is well run, relatively punctual and a pleasant way to travel through the country. We have dinner before boarding the train, and as we leave the metropolis of Bangkok the rocking motion will send you into an early sleep.

Riding: 66km cycling – The train arrives early in Uttaradit, so we make use of some rooms at a guesthouse to shower and change into cycling gear. Enjoy a great local breakfast before setting off on the bikes. As we leave town, we find Wat Phrathat Thung Yang, an ancient temple that features an unusual image of the Buddha and is still in use today. From there, we cycle to the countryside, pedaling through sugar fields and orchards over fairly flat terrain. We reach the small town of Si Satchanalai in the early afternoon and have plenty of time to explore this small town at a relaxed pace.

Riding: 88km cycling – This morning we will ride along country roads next to the Yom River and visit artisans who are weaving gold into cloth and crafting pieces of pottery. From there we cycle through the Si Satchanalai Historical Park past ancient ruins. This evening we settle in our hotel outside the city gate of Thailand’s first capital: Sukhothai.

Riding: 12km cycling – Today is our first opportunity to stretch out and enjoy the landscape of the ancient kingdom of Sukhothai. We start off with a gentle pedal through the Sukhothai Historical Park, visiting the scattered ruins of the ancient city. We then cycle south along the base of a mountain to a temple in the Ramkhamhaeng National Park.

Following lunch, we have a fun outing to explore the local community. You’ll have the chance to see and experience local life as we join Thai in the rice fields and their places of work, checking out rural handicrafts such as weaving, woodwork or making coal. This will be a fascinating cultural immersion.

Riding: 80km cycling – Following a 1.5 hour transfer, you’re in store for one of our most scenic and enjoyable days of cycling! Today’s ride brings us into hill country with lots of easy ups and downs and interesting twists and turns. The cycling journey is peppered with villages and charming hilltop temples and stupas – the most impressive of these being Wat Prathat Huai Thom. At the end of a great day’s cycling, we transfer 1 hour to Chom Thong.

Riding: 80km cycling – Starting off in the shadow of Thailand’s tallest mountain Doi Inthanon, we pedal our way across rice paddies and through small villages and towns to the site of the ancient Kingdom of Hariphunchai- now called Lamphun. From Lamphun, we ride out of town down tree-lined roads, through fruit orchards, along irrigation canals, and across fields. Eventually, we arrive in the artisan village of Ban Tawai. From Ban Tawai we will transfer the last bit by van into the city of Chiang Mai. This evening we’ll enjoy a special dinner to commemorate the final evening of your tour.

The bike tour concludes after breakfast today. Our team, including your leader, will be more than happy to assist you in confirming any onward travel plans from Chiang Mai. Should you need to reach the airport, our van will be waiting for you.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
January: 05USD $2,058.00USD $2,278.00
February: 23USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
June: 28USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
August: 02USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
October: 16USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
November: 01USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
December: 28USD $2,058.00USD $2,278.00
2021 Dates & Prices
January: 03USD $2,058.00USD $2,278.00
February: 28USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
June: 27USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
August: 15USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
October: 31USD $1,790.00USD $2,010.00
December: 28USD $2,058.00USD $2,278.00
Private Tour also AvailablePrice on ApplicationPrice on Application

Meals: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners
Transport: Merida mountain bikes
Rail: Train Ticket: Bangkok / Uttaradit
Support Vehicle :An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available for tired riders and to carry your luggage.
Accommodation:6 nights accommodation
Guide: Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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Cycle Inle Lake, Bagan & the Irrawaddy River

This 9 Day Cycle Inle Lake, Bagan & the Irrawaddy River includes bike, boat and train journey takeing you through the most picturesque parts of this country that has been shrouded in mystery for too long.

From the natural beauty of Inle Lake and the intrigue of the communities that inhabit it, to the scenic views of the Shan Hills, to the ancient ruins of Bagan and a different perspective from the waters of the Irrawaddy, this is a trip that takes in a diverse range of landscapes and includes some amazing riding. This tour is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the culture, traditions, and cuisine of Myanmar and a unique opportunity to learn from natives why they remain hopeful for a peaceful and prosperous future. Experience the beauty of Myanmar by bike!

Planning your holiday is easy, and speak to your friendly Consultant.

Welcome to Yangon. Meet your tour guide this afternoon in our lovely, centrally located hotel. The best way to understand this sprawling capital city is to avoid the traffic and set off on foot. There’s plenty to see, taste and experience in the area just adjacent to the hotel, and your guide will show you all this with a walking tour to get you acquainted with your surroundings and each other.

Riding: 20km cycling – We navigate Yangon’s legendary traffic heading out to the airport for our morning flight to Heho. It’s just over an hour by plane to the airport nearest Inle Lake and then a drive of around the same duration to reach Nyaung Shwe: the main town of the Inle area.

We stay on dry land rather than on the lake, to allow for more freedom of movement. In the afternoon we’ll start with a bike fitting before the warm-up ride around the Nyaung Shwe area to a mysterious local cave. From here, we’ll pedal to a beautiful sunset spot for a drink before settling into our hotel.

Riding: 25km cycling – We’ll start our day with a ride around the area to learn about the local culture and farming habits of the people here, cycling around the eastern bank of Inle Lake before we hop on a boat. Once on the water, we’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the famous fishermen who stand on one leg as they row, as well as traditional silk weavers, and whole communities of stilt houses on the lake.

Everything from schools, shops, even the post office can be found out here, all within a short boat ride of each other. We will stop at some of the more interesting sites and visit the lake’s renowned cottage industries. Depending on the day, we may come across local small businesses such as tofu and rice cracker production, bread baking, or lotus-silk weaving. This is usually a full day and we can expect to return to town by around 4pm.

Riding: 50km cycling – We’ll start the day with a scenic train ride up into the Western Shan Hills. Once we’ve had a look around, we’ll hop on our bikes and cycle back down through the hills to Inle Lake, enjoying sweeping views over the lake along the way. We’ll stop at the pagodas of Indein before once again taking to the water for a boat back to Nyaung Shwe. Tonight try the fresh produce of the Shan Hills in a family-run restaurant.

Riding: 48km cycling – This morning we’ll take a transfer up the surrounding hills again before cycling around two hours to the town of Pindaya. Once we’ve reached the town, we’ll head to a small suburb of Pindaya that is covered in tea plantations for a fun activity. We’ll walk around this small village and learn to pick tea leaves and sort them before making a tea leaf salad: a unique traditional Burmese dish.

Today we’ll take a rest from the bikes with a one hour transfer to Heho and flight to Bagan. Bagan is an ancient Burmese city situated on the eastern banks of the Irrawaddy river and is a sight to behold. The stunning, arid plains host a high density of Buddhist pagodas and monuments that give Bagan an other-worldly feel, and make it one of the country’s main tourism drawcards.

We’ll spend the afternoon getting acquainted with this new setting before the opportunity to transfer to the pilgrimage site of Mt. Popa: a volcanic mountain that sits high above the Bagan plains and provides the optimal spot to watch the sunset over the mystical landscape below. It’s enough to give anyone goosebumps! We’ll spend the night in Bagan.

Riding: 20km cycling – We’ll start off the day by pedaling through Bagan, with stops at some of its more significant Buddhist sites such as Shwezigon, Dhamagyangyi, and Ananda, all built between the 14th and 19th centuries. Enjoy a free afternoon to make use of the hotel’s pool or go for your own exploration before we board a boat that will take us out on the Irrawaddy for sunset. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Riding: 45km cycling – A traditional teak boat is our first vehicle of the day, and we’ll enjoy the morning light from the boat illuminating the pagodas of Bagan from the Irrawaddy. Soon we’ll hop on our bikes and head out on dirt tracks through farmland, then onto sandy roads into villages that are rarely visited by foreigners. We’ll pedal away from the flatlands, through fields and bamboo villages. The riverbank trail eventually leads us to our boat, waiting to continue the journey towards Salay.

We will disembark at the restored Colonial house that is our home for the night, where a delicious traditional lunch awaits. This small, quiet riverside town hides a surprising number of intriguing sights and luckily is still off the typical tourist’s map. Once elegant, now slightly dilapidated Colonial-period houses line the Strand Road on the riverbank, some still emblazoned with the rampant lion emblem of the British Royals. We will explore this interesting town by bike and foot in the afternoon, checking out the largest lacquerware Buddha image in Myanmar, which is said to have washed up from the river after heavy flooding in 1888.

A morning walk of the town is a lovely way to spend your last few hours in rural Myanmar. The villagers will be out, trading produce at the market and selling the various breakfast snacks that you will likely be familiar with by now. All will be chatty and curious to have a rare visitor in town. Breakfast is a simple, but fulfilling meal and it’s then time to pack up and return to Bagan by vehicle. Your tour concludes on arrival Bagan. For those departing the country today, flights to Yangon or Mandalay for connection to international flights are frequent (and can be booked with us) and we can deliver you to the airport as required.

2020 Dates & PricesTwin ShareSolo Traveller
January 04USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
February 06USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
July 25USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
October 24USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
December 24USD $3,047.00USD $3,677.00
2021 Dates & Prices
January 30USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
July 23USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
October 23USD $2,650.00USD $3,280.00
December 25USD $3,047.00USD $3,677.00

Meals: 8 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 8 dinners
Transport:Cannondale CX 3s Bikes
Flight: Air Ticket: Yangon / Heho / Bagan
Support Vehicle: An air-conditioned backup support vehicle is always available in case you want a break from riding, and to carry your luggage
Accommodation: 8 nights accommodation
Guide:Local English Speaking Guide
Entrance Fees & Touring:Entrance fees & activities as per itinerary

* Tour departure dates are subject to availability at time of booking.
* Prices and itinerary are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.

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