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Welcome to Asia, the most populous, energetic, exotic and contradictory continent on earth. Across one vast landmass you’ll find sci-fi skyscrapers and whitewashed mountain monasteries, honking moped shoals and silent Taoist temples, neon cityscapes and saffron-clad monks bent in prayer. If you’ve come for the familiar, you’re in for a surprise. When you’re munching deep-fried grasshoppers with white pepper in Thailand, exploring the rice paddy fields in Bali and swimming with Burmese sea-gypsies.

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From $3,025.00 per person

Gain insights into the region’s past in Phnom Penh and grasp the enormous splendour that Indochina has to offer as you witness the sun rising over magnificent Angkor Wat. This journey through Cambodia & Vietnam will uncover magical moments in places you least expect,

From $3,440.00 per person

A journey through Vietnam & Laos will leave you energised and inspired. Encounter welcoming people throughout, including Buddhist monks in Luang Prabang. Uncover the vibrant cities of Saigon and Hanoi, explore historical Hoi An and Hue, then unwind on the banks of the Mekong in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

From $3,750.00 per person

Begin your journey through Laos & Cambodia with an introduction to the mysterious Golden Triangle region, where Laos borders Thailand and Myanmar. Enter Laos with a languid cruise down the Mekong River to a riverside trading post. Continue to Luang Prabang with its glittering Buddhist temples, discover the bustling Lao capital, Vientiane, then fly to neighbouring Cambodia.




From $3,795.00 per person

This 11 Day Secrets of Cambodia with Laos Trip takes you inside the sights and stories of two of Asia’s most fascinating nations.

From $3,880.00 per person

This comprehensive Indochina Explorer takes in the history, culture and natural beauty of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

From $3,995.00 per person

Explore the colonial heritage of Singapore & Malaysia in one comprehensive trip and discover the diverse culture of the region.




From $4,214.00 per person

On this fascinating Vietnam & Cambodia tour you’ll explore several of the world’s greatest treasures, behold spectacular scenery, learn about different cultures, and experience the warmth and hospitality bestowed by the locals. It’s a vacation of a lifetime!

From $5,175.00 per person

The traditions and heritage of two great ancient kingdoms are traced along this pilgrimage through Thailand & Cambodia. Visit the once sprawling metropolis of Ayutthaya, the spiritual centre of Sukhothai and explore the ruins of Angkor Wat.

From $5,250.00 per person

Experience Highlights of Vietnam & Cambodia. Visit Vietnam’s famous highlights on this Regional Explorer trip, which also reveals Cambodia’s ancient Khmer culture and mystical Angkor Wat. Float on the sparkling emerald waters of Halong Bay on a traditional Vietnamese Junk.

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