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Welcome to Asia, the most populous, energetic, exotic and contradictory continent on earth. Across one vast landmass you’ll find sci-fi skyscrapers and whitewashed mountain monasteries, honking moped shoals and silent Taoist temples, neon cityscapes and saffron-clad monks bent in prayer. If you’ve come for the familiar, you’re in for a surprise. When you’re munching deep-fried grasshoppers with white pepper in Thailand, exploring the rice paddy fields in Bali and swimming with Burmese sea-gypsies.

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From USD $1,490.00 per person

Why fly or bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap and miss the scenery and the friendly folk in between? Give a bike ride a try instead, and discover a unique patch of SouthEast Asia.

From USD $2,100.00 per person

Cycle Angkor to Saigon - A journey in the truest sense of the word from the most significant archaeological site in Cambodia to the most important commercial city in Vietnam.

From USD $2,500.00 per person

Discover Angkor & Luang Prabang by Bike. Ride the hidden trails of Angkor National Park by bike after witnessing the sunrise over Angkor Wat and a private breakfast in the forest.




From $2,999.00 per person

Combine the best of Cambodia & Vietnam. Gain insights into the region's past in Phnom Penh, venture to Siem Reap and witness the sun rising over magnificent Angkor Wat.

From $3,249.00 per person

A journey through Vietnam and Laos will leave you energised and inspired. Encounter welcoming people throughout, including Buddhist monks in Luang Prabang.

From USD $3,350.00 per person

This Cycle Angkor to Hoi An adventure links two of the region's famous locations, the Angkor temples of the Khmer Empire with the historic UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An.




From $3,895.00 per person

Glimpse past and present on this in-depth encounter with the glittering cityscapes, youthful verve, and centuries-old culture, heritage and traditions of vibrant Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

From USD $4,000.00 per person

Cycle from Bangkok to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). The essential discovery trip of Thailand, Cambodia and the Mekong Delta of Vietnam.

From $4,029.00 per person

Experience the picturesque countryside of laidback Laos & Cambodia hidden south coast on this unforgettable journey. Cruise down the Mekong to Luang Prabang, kayak along the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng and discover the sacred temples of Vientiane.




From $4,299.00 per person

This comprehensive journey takes in the history, culture and natural beauty of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. In historic Cambodia, uncover the museums and monuments of the capital, Phnom Penh, before witnessing the incredible temples of Angkor.

From $4,549.00 per person

On this fascinating Vietnam and Cambodia tour you’ll explore several of the world’s greatest treasures, behold spectacular scenery, learn about different cultures, and experience the warmth and hospitality bestowed by the locals.

From $5,095.00 per person

Explore the colonial heritage of Singapore and Malaysia and discover the diverse culture of the region. A melting pot of religion and cultures, from Buddhism to Catholicism, the Dutch to the Chinese and the British, explore the colonial heritage of the region.




From $6,325.00 per person

The temples and tuk tuks of Bangkok give way to the ancient traditions of Chiang Mai on this in-depth trip. A journey from the colourful streets of Bangkok to the sacred spaces of Chiang Mai.

From $6,495.00 per person

Experience Vietnam & Cambodia Uncovered. Journey from the beauty of Halong Bay to a spine-tingling encounter with the abandoned capital of Angkor Thom.

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