Costa Rica

This small, breathtakingly beautiful country is a laid-back and peaceful democratic republic, without much of an indigenous culture or colonial heritage but exuding a warm, authentic Latin personality. Costa Rica is a treasure trove for the nature-lover. Separating the lowlands facing the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean there is a range of active and dormant volcanoes. These are surrounded by mountain cloud forest, lowland tropical jungle and savannah grasslands and more…

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From $1,170.00 per person

From volcanos to rainforests, new discoveries abound on this Costa Rican all-encompassing adventure. Bubbling mud pools, rainforests teeming with wildlife, golden beaches and an active volcano are all yours for the taking on this adventure.

From $1,206.00 per person

Discover two of the most popular attractions in Costa Rica in this four night package, the stunning scenery of the perfect conic shape of Arenal volcano and the stunning forested mountains of Monteverde.

From $1,240.00 per person

No trip to Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast is complete without a visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park with its expansive white-sand beaches backed by an evergreen forest.




From $2,550.00 per person

Journey into the emerald rainforests of Costa Rica. Come face to face with exotic wildlife, see Arenal Volcano and more.

From $2,575.00 per person

Get up close and personal with turtles, monkeys, butterflies and more on this Family Experience.

From $3,029.00 per person

Grab your camera and get ready for a wonderful vacation and discover the Wonders of Costa Rica! Witness bountiful wildlife in their natural habitat, enjoy relaxing dips in ecothermal hot springs, and learn about the Costa Rican culture on this thrilling adventure.

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