Cuba is the largest of all the Caribbean islands and one of the most fascinating. It has a unique and eventful history, mirrored in the outpourings of its rich culture of music, dance, and socio-political innovation. The island also has stunning landscapes, from the limestone plateau, scenery west of Havana through tropical plantations to the rugged mountains and forests at the Sierra Maestra in the east. Liberally dotted with pristine sandy beaches and restored colonial towns.

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From $579.00 per person

The city has an eclectic mixture of architecture styles, from neo-classical, art noveau to colonial and art deco. Offering all kinds of attractions, hotels, restaurant, universities, modern hospitals, theatres, cinemas, zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens, museums and an incredible nightlife.

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Put your dancing shoes and travel to Havana to learn some fun Salsa moves and spend time exploring beautiful Cuban places; the tour combines Latin dance lessons with some guided tours.

From $1,847.00 per person

Spend a whole week exploring Cuba at its finest. Touch upon the rich history in Old Havana and Trinidad, meet the friendly locals and learn some salsa dancing.




From $2,177.00 per person

TWalk through cobblestone streets in Old Havana and be mesmerised by its rich history and stunning colonial architecture, while listening to the captivating sounds of local musicians serenading passersby.

From $3,209.00 per person

The journey will start in Havana with its fascinating charms, going then to the western part of the country to meet the enchanting nature of the World Biosphere Reserve and Viñales World Cultural Landscape.

From $3,498.00 per person

Experience the authentic the Cuban way of life beginning your journey in Havana – a city where time has stood still evident in the architecture and the vintage cars. You will taste traditional cuisines and feel the rhythm of Cuban salsa in your bones.

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