Exotic Guatemala lies at the heart of the Mayan world. It’s a county steeped in history, proud of its traditions and culture, with breath-taking scenery. There are vivacious markets and volcanic landscapes, mystical lakes, and tropical jungle embracing ruined pre-Conquest Mayan Settlements. The old Spanish capital of Antigua has shady plazas, and colonial houses and courtyards bursting with bougainvillea. A few hours’ drive up into the highlands is exquisite Lake Atitlan, sourounded by forest-cloaked volcanoes.

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From $408.00 per person

Set amongst breathtaking mountain scenery, Guatemala has a colourful history and people. The designs and colours seen in the artwork and clothes of Guatemalans, reflect their friendly, easygoing nature. Discover all this on a 4 Day Basic Guatemala Tour.

From $795.00 per person

If it is lakes and mountains you are interested in, then a few days on the shores of Lake Atitlan will be perfect. This large lake, with three large extinct volcanoes towering above.

From $1,048.00 per person

A little more leisurely discovery of the highlands of Guatemala and its traditional Maya culture on this 6 day Guatemala Highlands Tour. Glance at the traditional highland Indian market of Chichicastenango and visit lake Atitlan.




From $1,133.00 per person

A visit of the highlands of Colorful Guatemala where its Maya groups inhabitants have kept alive their culture. Glance at the traditional highland Indian markets of Chichicastenango and Quetzaltenango, visit lake Atitlan and Antigu

From $1,801.00 per person

A great tour for those who want to travel through the Heart of the Mayan World. Travel through the Peten rainforest and visit the imposing ruins of Tikal. Discover the smaller, but no less intriguing sites of Yaxha, Ceibal and Quirigua.

From $2,166.00 per person

Guatemala it’s a country with a strong “Mayan Heritage”, and this can be seen in various places around the country. “La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción” is the name of the capital city which is the, commercial, religion, and cultural activities centre.

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