China feels like a hundred different moods, landscapes and countries rolled into one. Neon cities, remote villages, deserts, smoky markets and ancient artifacts – there are new adventures around every corner.

Even after a lifetime of travel, there would still be more to see, taste, admire and experience.

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From $2,229.00 per person

Explore some of China’s most famous sites and learn about its ancient and current culture. You’ll start with three nights in Shanghai, end with three nights in Beijing, and spend two nights also in Xi’an.

From $3,581.00 per person

Mysterious, enigmatic and ancient: China is all these things and more. On this tour, you’ll start in Beijing, end in Shanghai, and overnight along the way in Xi’an, Chengdu, and three nights aboard your cruise ship on the mighty Yangtze River.

From $3,659.00 per person

Delve into the unique world of China during this magnificent tour as you explore Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, and Shanghai. As you’d expect from a vacation to China, a highlight is your visit to the Great Wall of China.


From $3,949.00 per person

This tour, including a Yangtze River cruise, offers you opportunities to see some of China’s most historic sites, learn about the local culture, and witness spectacular scenery.

From $4,277.00 per person

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and history of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. You’ll start in Beijing, end in Shanghai, and overnight in between in Xi’an, three nights aboard your cruise ship on the mighty Yangtze River, Guilin, Yangshou, and Suzhou.

From $4,357.00 per person

This tour has everything you could want in a vacation: visits to ancient sites, thrilling experiences, opportunities to learn about the culture, authentic cuisine, and more.


From $4,495.00 per person

This all-embracing trip visits the must-see cities: eclectic Beijing, historic Xi’an and buzzing Shanghai. Follow in the footsteps of the ancients – up the ornate steps of the Forbidden City and to the ramparts of the Great Wall.

From $6,695.00 per person

Experience true all-inclusive luxury as you travel from the historic former Imperial capital of Beijing to the cosmopolitan streets of Shanghai. Visit the fascinating Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an and explore the Great Wall.

From $13,495.00 per person

Journey into the Yunnan Province to explore the cobblestone streets of ancient Lijiang, wander amongst the Stone Forest, embrace Tibetan traditions in Shangri-La, before cruising the Yangzte and taking in the icons of Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.

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