Filled with worldly art, elegant architecture, fine wine and exquisite food, France is a cultural mecca that begs to be explored. Sip on café eu lait in a chic Parisian Café, explore the medieval castles of Normandy. Stroll through acclaimed art museums, or discover the mouthwatering pleasures of a true French patisserie.

Once your thirst for culture has been quenched, take in the spectacular beauty of France by driving through the magnificent French wine regions, navigating the mountains of the ski and alpine capital Chamonix. Or bask in the sun in one of the many charming villages dotted along the French Riviera.

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From $1,789.00 per person

Experience the highlights of northern France, including Paris, Normandy & the Loire Valley. Starting in Paris, the “City of Light.” 

From $2,199.00 per person

On June 6, 1944, otherwise known as D-Day, Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy and gained a foothold in the fight against Nazi Germany.

From $2,775.00 per person

Bask in the playground of socialites, celebrities and aristocrats when you explore the sun-kissed French Riviera, from elegant Nice to picture-perfect Antibes, with a side trip to Italy in between.




From $2,979.00 per person

From its beautiful architecture and historic sites to its stunning countryside and famous cuisine, France is a country sure to delight even the most discerning traveler

From $3,095.00 per person

Voyage through vineyards and valleys, as you soak up France’s rich history and heritage. Explore centuries of French heritage as you cross the valleys and vineyards of the north in search of beauty and to mourn the tragedy of war.

From $3,169.00 per person

Get to know France from the on this 14 Day Grand Tour of France trip. From Paris, head north to Rouen, then Honfleur, Caen, and the Normandy’s historic D-Day landing beaches from World War II.




From $3,395.00 per person

With the zest of a large city and the heart of a little village, Paris reveals its secrets to a select few. See the City of Lights as it has never been seen before – the hidden courtyards and charming ‘arrondissements’, each with their own distinct personality.

From $3,589.00 per person

From its vibrant cities and charming, smaller towns to the beautiful countryside and sumptuous cuisine, France has it all. On this French Sampler tour, you'll get a sample of what France has to offer with overnights in Paris, Beaune, Aix-en-Provence, and Monte Carlo, Monaco.

From $3,595.00 per person

Discover the best of France on this chic Country Explorer trip, as Paris meets the capital of cool, St-Tropez. Pop the cork for a sparkling encounter with Paris, the French Riviera, Burgundy's gastronomic talents and the Roman footprints left on the French landscape centuries ago.




From $3,599.00 per person

This France tour is the perfect way to see the highlights of Paris plus Brittany, the Loire Valley, and the World War II landing beaches in Normandy in a short amount of time.

From $3,759.00 per person

This La France tour that starts and ends in Paris and has overnights also in Bayeux, St. Malo, Blois in the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Lourdes, Nîmes, Monte Carlo, Lyon, and Dijon.

From $4,349.00 per person

Glasses glinting with bubbles and rich red wines. Windows that open out on soaring mountains, charming villages and fragrant fields of flowers. Join us on a voyage through quintessential France.




From $4,909.00 per person

The back roads from the elegant resort of Cannes to quaint towns such as Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

From $5,009.00 per person

Delicious oysters. Exquisite wines. Take time to savour the finer things in life on this journey of discovery through Southwest France.

From $10,125.00 per person

A quintessential French Heritage experience, showcasing award-winning wines, fashionable ski resorts, medieval villages and famous cities.

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