Germany & Austria

Germany is a country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and North Sea beaches. Two thousand years of history left behind a significant legacy in Germany. Many of Germany’s most impressive architectural monuments, historical towns, significant industrial sites and distinctive natural landscapes – 41 in total – have been deemed to be of international historical importance by UNESCO. Also known for its Oktoberfest and beer halls, including the 16th-century Hofbräuhaus.

Austria is a country full of picturesque mountains, valleys and lakes and it is a beautiful country known for its spectacular scenery. Experience first-class musical, opera and theatre performances. Whether it’s a concert in a Boroque Palace, or a performance at one of the many opera houses, this country will dazzle you with its rich cultural scene.

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From $1,950.00 per person

Explore the colourful contrasts of Germany's cool capital on this enriching excursion. The verve of a modern metropolis rising from a turbulent and divided past is yours to explore on this At Leisure jaunt through cosmopolitan Berlin.

From $1,956.00 per person

This comprehensive Highlights of Germany Tour focuses on the crown jewels of Germany, starting and ending in Frankfurt. Begin with a panoramic Rhine River cruise. Then, see Cologne with its gothic cathedral, the historic buildings of legendary Hamelin, the harbor city of Hamburg, and Hanseatic Lübeck.

From $2,249.00 per person

When you think of a holiday to Germany, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s visiting fairytale castles and medieval towns. Perhaps it’s seeing the Bavarian Alps and beautiful countryside. Perhaps it’s savoring German food and beer. If so, all of this and more are included on this marvelous Germany tour from Berlin to Munich.


From $2,719.00 per person

Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, pretzels, a beautiful Alpine backdrop, excellent beer, storybook castles, and medieval towns…this is Bavaria and on this Germany tour, you’ll experience Bavaria's highlights.

From $2,992.00 per person

Join the von Trapps on an Austrian adventure that will make your heart sing, from Munich's medieval charm to the 19th century fortress once home to a shy fairy-tale king.

From $5,699.00 per person

Follow the course of true love along Germany’s Romantic Road where the snow-capped Bavarian Alps provide a dramatic backdrop to half-timbered chalets and fairytale castles.

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