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Europe is a sheer smorgasbord for the senses, brimming with spices, sounds, and aromas. Travel just a few miles and as you cross borders, you’ll discover entirely new worlds of sensations. Every corner with its own unique personality. From the haunting fado of Portugal to the whirling of Turkey’s dervishes, the craic of the Irish to a life in pure passion in la bella Italia.

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From $2,024.00 per person

If you want to see Western Europe’s main highlights but don’t have a lot of time, this is the vacation for you! Visit England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

From $2,388.00 per person

The perfect photo album should be filled with photos of fun experiences, stunning scenery, fascinating sights, and lots of smiles.

From $2,429.00 per person

As the name implies, this European tour features some of Europe’s capital cities. You’ll spend two nights in Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; the Amsterdam area, Netherlands; Berlin, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; and Vienna, Austria.


From $2,523.00 per person

From its exciting cities to its spectacular scenery, Europe has it all, and on this European tour, you’ll see its highlights. Start in Amsterdam with sightseeing and a canal cruise and end in Paris with a guided tour and time on your own.

From $2,631.00 per person

Begin your vacation in London with two overnights and leisure time to make your own discoveries in this lively city. Then, cross the English Channel by Eurostar train to Paris.

From $2,699.00 per person

Your journey begins with two overnights in the Italian capital of Rome and guided sightseeing that highlights the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square. Head north to see Pisa’s Leaning Tower and to Renaissance Florence,


From $3,369.00 per person

The name of this escorted European tour — Enchanting Europe — says it all! You’ll be enchanted as you travel from Amsterdam, Holland’s lively capital, to picturesque Lucerne in the Swiss Alps with overnights in Koblenz and Wiesbaden in the Rhine Valley, in Bavaria’s capital Munich, and in romantic Salzburg.

From $3,875.00 per person

Lest we forget, this sobering journey through the battlefields of WWI and WWII reminds us of the millions of lives lost in these 20th century conflicts. Explore the poignant moments of the Battle of Britain, D-Day Landing, infamous Somme and the Battle of Dunkirk

From $3,875.00 per person

Experience the opulence of some of Europe’s finest cities on this Discoveries trip. The White Cliffs of Dover are your gateway to a grand adventure through the heart of Europe – cruising on the romantic Rhine, the sounds of Mozart in Vienna and castle courtyards of Heidelberg among the highlights you will enjoy.


From $3,995.00 per person

Discover Europe’s grandeur and the legacy of the powerful Habsburg dynasty on this soul-stirring journey of Europe’s imperial cities. Be inspired by the family heritage of royalty as you meet a castle owner in the Rhine Valley and enjoy dinner at a family home in beautiful Budapest. Your journey culminates in timeless Venice with its romantic and lavish palaces.

From $4,025.00 per person

Explore Paris, Florence, Rome and more on this Discoveries trip that reveals all that’s special about Europe. Don those designer sunglasses – it’s time to enjoy the bright city lights and stylish promenades of Europe’s classiest capitals where you can kick back at quaint Old Town cafés and brush shoulders with the rich and famous.

From $4,049.00 per person

Europe—it’s a continent full of different cultures, food specialties, architecture, art, scenery, and histories—and this is the ideal Continental Introduction: experience and see what many of the European countries have to offer. You’ll spend two nights in Paris, Rome, Venice, and Amsterdam and an overnight in Lucerne, Lugano, Florence, Munich, and the Rhineland.


From $4,095.00 per person

This is the perfect journey for those seeking the allures of Europe through meaningful encounters with locals. Come face to face with a Royal Horse Guard in London, take a gourmet foodie walk through the backstreets of Paris and meet a nature ranger on top of Switzerland’s soaring Mount Stanserhorn.

From $4,350.00 per person

Explore the capitals of Eastern Europe on this multi-country trip. Visit Austria, Germany, Poland and more. Eastern Europe reveals its colourful side on this elaborate encounter with familiar favourites and lesser known gems like Slovenia’s Lake Bled and the charming Polish city of Poznan.

From $5,642.00 per person

What do you want from your All About Europe tour—historic treasures, amazing architecture, scenic beauty, and exciting cities? Whatever it is, this European vacation offers it to you! You’ve heard about gladiator contests in ancient Rome—now’s your chance to visit the Colosseum where the contests took place.


From $6,495.00 per person

This Discoveries adventure does all the ‘musts’, but also takes you off the beaten path. Tick all the boxes with this grand exploration of Europe – one region, a myriad of flavours for you to enjoy. Wander through 17th century Bruges, the reflective waterways of picturesque Amsterdam and medieval Rhineland.

From $7,850.00 per person

This exploration of Europe takes in the best of France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. From the spiritual hubs of the Vatican and Lourdes to the glitz and glamour of Monaco, Cannes and the Isle of Capri, explore Europe's man-made triumphs and feats of nature.

From $8,675.00 per person

This all-embracing Discoveries trip of Europe, visits Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Athens, Assisi and more. It's the A to Z of Europe. Thirteen countries - centuries of culture and history, mesmerising natural landscapes and a feast of flavours on one journey of discovery.

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