Russia & The Baltic States

Part fantasy, part historical drama, Russia reads as though it were a work of seminal fiction. A storybook landscape of castles, palaces and cathedrals, this romantic place sets the scene for a famous narrative of valiant champions, incredible riches, celebrated royalty and great tyrants.Yet the real magic of this dramatic country is its wonderfully resilient people and distinctive culture, which are a constant source of warmth in Russia’s massive backyard.

Add the enthralling Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia and their capitals Tallinn, Riga & Vilnius and discover the plenty of beautiful countrysides. You’re in for an unforgettable journey!

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From $2,695.00 per person

The Golden Ring of once-fortified cities northeast of Moscow, stood witness to some of the most significant events in Russian history.

From $2,850.00 per person

Set out from Warsaw to explore the Baltic States, including the capitals Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. Discover stylish, vibrant cafe societies with fascinating history.

From $2,875.00 per person

This At Leisure trip visits the magnificent city of St. Petersburg and the metropolis of Moscow. A rail adventure combining art and antiquities.




From $3,169.00 per person

You’ll spend 10 unforgettable days – from Moscow to St. Petersburg – on an affordable Taste of Russia tour.

From $3,495.00 per person

Experience the grandeur of Russia, exploring the baroque architecture of St Petersburg and the palaces of Moscow.




From $5,195.00 per person

Explore the rare Baltic gems of Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus along the seaway from Helsinki to St. Petersburg for fascinating insights into the heritage of the Tsars and days spent seeing the magnificent sights of Moscow.

From $5,229.00 per person

A decadent display of history, lavish palaces and tranquil towns, this tour of the Baltics allows us to embark on an impressive journey together, taking in one highlight at a time.

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