Spain & Portugal

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, Spain and Portugal really are a true example of riches for every sense and interest. Spain is so flamboyant and is a thrilling country to discover and is filled with sensational cultural experiences and iconic attractions. From the Moorish cities of southern Spain with its seductive flamenco dancing to the hip bars and restaurants of Barcelona and Madrid. There is plenty on offer.

Portugal is flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and its capital Lisbon is a foodies delight with a fantastic nightlife. Explore the Moorish Alfama quarter, the cobblestone alleys of the Bairro Alto and the lively Docas Area.

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From $999.00 per person

Join us for independent touring on your escorted holiday in Portugal — home to many of history’s great explorers. With so much to see and do in this beautiful country, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would leave to discover the world!

From $1,589.00 per person

Your exciting Iberian adventure introduces you to fascinating cities and cultural discoveries on your affordable tour of Spain and Portugal.

From $1,829.00 per person

If you’ve dreamed of exploring colourful Spanish cities like Madrid, Seville, and Granada, this affordable vacation in Spain is the perfect solution.




From $2,550.00 per person

This all-embracing exploration covers the principal Spanish cities: Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

From $2,599.00 per person

Spain and Portugal — these are two countries with rich histories and distinct cultures, and on this affordable Best of Spain & Portugal tour, you'll see their fascinating highlights.

From $2,725.00 per person

From the fanciful façades of Gaudí to the favourite footballer haunts of Maradona and Messi, Barcelona serves up a sultry Spanish experience that will tease your every sense.




From $2,739.00 per person

Your 14 Day Sensational Spain affordable tour begins and ends in marvelous Madrid. In between, you’ll discover Spain’s sensational sites and legendary locales of history, culture, and cuisine.

From $2,950.00 per person

Allow yourself to be enchanted by Spain and Portugal's charming cities and sun-drenched seaside towns on a Great Iberian Cities tour. From the sun-kissed Catalan city of Barcelona to the seafaring capital of Lisbon

From $3,169.00 per person

This guided Portugal in Depth tour is a relaxed pace, thanks to the well-planned 2-night stopovers in Lisbon, Oporto, and the Algarve, and overnights also in Tomar, Viseu, and Evora.




From $3,195.00 per person

Discover the Best of Portugal. Let the melancholic trill of the Fado Guitar follow you from Portugal's Manueline Lisbon to Baroque Oporto and the sun-soaked beaches of Vilamoura.

From $3,290.00 per person

Discover the Best of Portugal and it's greatest attractions including Lisbon, Porto and the charming villages of Sintra, Cascais, Óbidos and Aveiro across 6 leisurely days.

From $3,325.00 per person

Kick off your Iberian adventure in Madrid before heading to the hanging houses in Cuenca and devouring delicious paella in Valencia.




From $3,375.00 per person

Your pilgrimage through Northern Spain begins in the colourful Costa Brava city of Barcelona. Then we weave our way through bull-fighting territory

From $3,925.00 per person

Relax and immerse yourself in three of Spain's most contrasting and cultural cities. Vibrant Barcelona, idyllic San Sebastián and historic Madrid.

From $3,995.00 per person

Portugal's great New World discoveries brought the country trade and wealth, and left their mark throughout the Kingdom.




From $4,079.00 per person

This holiday is perfect for those who wish to experience all the excitement and energy of Spain. Visit Spain’s most popular cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Vitoria, Pamplona, and Seville.

From $4,299.00 per person

From cosmopolitan Lisbon to Porto’s medieval cobblestone streets, and from the remote Douro Valley to Roman ruins and world-famous pilgrimage sites.

From $4,399.00 per person

With cosmopolitan cities and ancient villages, rolling vineyards and rugged mountains, Northern Spain is as unforgettable as it is eclectic.




From $4,425.00 per person

Live your passions in the intense fiery capitals of Madrid and Lisbon, the sites of religious pilgrimages and cultural icons, spanning the length and breadth of the Iberian Peninsula.

From $4,550.00 per person

Explore Spain's best regions on this trip, including Madrid, Santander, Barcelona and Valencia. Vibrant Spanish cities, the running of the bulls in Pamplona and the smell of orange zest in Valencia are yours to discover as you indulge in Spain's distinct art, architecture and culture.




From $5,790.00 per person

Discover southern Europe’s diverse Iberian Peninsula and Spain’s rich culture, warm hospitality and festive spirit. This experience is designed over 10 days to experience: the vibrancy of Madrid, Lisbon and Seville; ‘must see’ towns of Toledo, Baeva and Ubeda.

From $6,750.00 per person

Enjoy an in-depth portrait of the local people, their cultural heritage and their multifaceted countries; this trip includes adventuring in Santander, San Sebastián and Barcelona.

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