The Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemburg

Benelux is the historic Union of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The name Benelux is formed from the beginning of each country’s name. Enjoy the highlights of 3 very different countries, all in close proximity to each other.

There’s plenty more to the Netherlands than picturesque windmills, multi-coloured tulips, and the world-famous bicycle culture, although that’s three great reasons to visit already. Beyond the clog-wearing, cheese-making stereotypes, the Netherlands is an essential stop for art and architecture enthusiasts, and its cultural capital, Amsterdam, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with history and creativity around every corner.

Belgium is Wedged between France, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, Belgium is a small welcoming country, the meeting point of both Latin and Germanic cultures. With beautiful wooded countryside, charming villages with brick-walled houses, lively cities and a famous cuisine, Belgium is quickly becoming a number one destination for those after a taste of authentic and historical Europe.

Luxembourg, a landlocked country with easy access to Belgium, France and Germany, this fairy-tale haven is the perfect mix of old school elegance and lush green forests. Famed for its striking palaces such as Vianden castle, Luxembourg quite literally translates to “little castle” and rumour has it there is one situated every 100 square miles. For those looking to delve into the country’s history, its capital, Luxembourg City, is a Unesco-listed site, with a medieval old town situated on an impressive cliff top. While here visit the cathedral, the Palace of the Grand Duke and the grave of U.S. General George S. Patton.

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From $1,589.00 per person

Famous for its tulips, windmills, and wooden clogs, Holland is a delightful country with scenic landscapes, historic monuments, and vibrant cities. 

From $2,475.00 per person

With the buzz of a big city and charm of a little village, let Amsterdam's tree-lined canals captivate you.

From $2,695.00 per person

This Country Explorer trip takes you beyond Holland's tulips and canals to see its pretty towns and unique customs. Trace the steps of the Dutch Masters.




From $3,589.00 per person

For those who wish to visit the Benelux countries at a leisurely pace, this Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium tour is perfect. You’ll enjoy three nights in Amsterdam and Brussels and a two-night stay in Luxembourg.

From $3,525.00 per person

Discover the best of these European countries at your own pace during this At Leisure cross-country trip. Take a jaunt through Benelux - from fairy-tale castles to flowering fields, Rembrandt to Royal Delft.

From $4,495.00 per person

Step back in time and immerse yourself in idyllic 17th century Dutch landscapes of gently turning windmills and charming bridges, arching over peaceful canals. Enjoy a slower pace of life with all the comforts of modern touches.

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