A kaleidoscope of colour and activity, India is home to dramatic forts, deserts, spice hills, tranquil backwaters, thriving cities and snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Experience a land of vibrant colours, rich history and local cultures as you venture through this captivating country.

India’s Historic Architecture – Best known for the Taj Mahal, India’s architectural wonders offer a rich insight into the country’s past. The hilltop forts, intricate royal palaces and ancient stepwells have stood the test of time and are truly awe-inspiring.

India’s Local Colour – India is a land of dazzling colour. Beautiful flowing saris contrast against the desert sands, village walks reveal bustling markets and locals welcome you into their homes to sip chai. Be amazed at every corner.

India’s Wildlife & Scenery – Spot tigers in Ranthambore National Park and elephants in Nagarhole National Park. Discover India’s diverse natural scenery from the deserts of Rajasthan in the north to the lush Western Ghats of the south.

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From $1,419.00 per person

This fascinating tour of India encapsulates the glittering royal past of the Golden Triangle. You’ll start and end in Delhi, and also overnight one night in Agra, two nights in Ranthambore National Park, and two nights in Jaipur.  

From $2,079.00 per person

This affordable holiday in India begins on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India’s ancient city of Chennai. Guided sightseeing includes Fort St. George, built in 1644, and Dakshinachitra heritage centre where fascinating history and sights bring Indian art and architecture to life.

From $2,475.00 per person

A perfect introduction to the relaxed lifestyle and contrasting historical and cultural identities in India’s most southerly states – Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Exhibiting different languages, cuisine, temples, climate and landscapes .




From $2,995.00 per person

On this 11 Day India’s Golden Triangle & Tiger Safari discover thriving cities, spectacular palaces and forts, and have the chance to see a tiger in the wild.

From $3,019.00 per person

Your affordable holiday in India begins in the exciting city of Delhi. Guided sightseeing shows you the 17th-century Mughal Red Fort, with tours of Ra Ghat and the largest mosque in Asia—Jama Masjid.

From $3,352.00 per person

Discover the Icons of India, a diverse country filled with a long history, a variety of languages, amazing monuments, and a rich cultural heritage.




From $3,795.00 per person

Embark on a spiritual interlude with India. Candle-lit rituals on the River Ganges, palaces, forts and tombs, a riot of colour and vibrancy around every corner.  

Price on Application

India, the birthplace of yoga and meditation – what better place to immerse yourself in the inner life.

From $5,000.00 per person

Traversing a wide swath of North India, this lively 15 day tour covers many of the North’s highlights, making it an ideal introduction to the country.




From $5,165.00 per person

Revealing stories at every turn, India’s fabled hill stations will leave you spellbound. Step back in time in stunning Shimla, once the summer retreat of the British Raj.

From $5,750.00 per person

From fragrant tea plantations and snow-capped Himalayan peaks to bustling bazaars and the grandest colonial architecture, discover the hidden wonders of East India.

From $6,295.00 per person

Delight your every sense during this encounter with the soaring monuments and scenic landscapes of northern India - from bustling Delhi to the jungles of Ranthambore, hilltop fortresses to royal treasures.




From $7,940.00 per person

Experience a spellbinding world of colour, rituals and wilderness on this 12 Day The Golden Triangle journey through India’s cultural treasures. Witness the heritage and grandeur of the Mughal Empire in Delhi.

Price on Application

This Classic East India tour is an ideal introduction to West Bengal, Sikkim and Assam, offering spectacular Himalayan views, a taste of the rich Bengali culture and a tea plantation stay.  

From $10,990.00 per person

Tamil Nadu on the east coast of South India is a veritable living museum to both British and French colonial history, providing lots of opportunities to explore this fascinating era.




From $12,990.00 per person

The essence of the golden triangle. Celebrate the rich history, culture and landscapes of this diverse and fascinating region with the perfect introduction to the wonders of North India on this Golden India Tour.

From $14,090.00 per person

The Jewels of India come alive! Stretch your wings as you take in the best North India has to offer. From the history and beauty of Jodhpur to the deep spirituality of Varanasi and Sarnath, North India contains many treasures.

From $14,325.00 per person

From elaborate royal palaces to the most desolate landscapes, enter into a world of extremes in northern India. Discover Delhi’s colonial grandeur and mouthwatering cuisine.




From $16,990.00 per person

Enjoy an in-depth exploration of Southern India and its many wonders during this 26 day journey of discovery. Rich in colonial history and flush with spectacular scenery and wildlife, this itinerary is the ideal way to see the whole of this incredible region.  

From $20,390.00 per person

Unveil the true soul of North India! Golden, blue and pink cities, lake palaces, great deserts, impressive forts and mighty temples, the stunning tapestry of North India will enthral and delight even the most experienced of travellers.

From $23,390.00 per person

A sub-continent like no other! Revel in the beauty and diversity of this extraordinary country on a thrilling 29 Day Grand Discovery of India. Discover the grandeur of North India as you journey around the ‘Golden Triangle’ of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

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