Scenic wonders, rich heritage, warm hospitality…all part of what makes Canada such an intriguing place to visit. Explore its picturesque isles and craggy shores in the east, dazzling mountain lakes and world-class resorts in the Canadian Rockies, cosmopolitan cities, and rugged Yukon Territory. Immerse yourself in the French ambiance of walled Québec, charming Scottish Nova Scotia, or very “British” Victoria. Come face to face with remote fishing villages, polar bears in the “Land of Nanook,” intricate totem poles carved by First Nations people, breathtaking national parks, and historic sites.

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From $1,939.00 per person

Welcome to Ontario and Québec — where exciting cities and breathtaking scenery await you on this eastern Canada tour.  

From $2,019.00 per person

Discover the heart of Canada’s Atlantic seacoast on this wonderful holiday featuring Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

From $2,299.00 per person

The Canadian Rockies are known for their stunning scenery, rugged mountains, breathtaking glaciers, mighty rivers, and gorgeous national parks.



From $2,495.00 per person

Take in snow-capped peaks, ice-blue glaciers and pounding waterfalls on this Regional Explorer trip.

From $2,659.00 per person

Breathtaking scenery, historic sights, and fun experiences await you on this Newfoundland tour with overnights in St. John’s and Clarenville.

From $2,809.00 per person

Canada’s national parks and scenic drives highlight this wonderful Canadian Rockies tour that overnights in Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Sun Peaks, Whistler, and Victoria.



From $2,925.00 per person

Marvel at Niagara Falls and tour Old Montreal, Quebec City and more on this Regional Explorer trip.  

From $3,359.00 per person

Vibrant cities, stunning scenery, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences await you on this Historic Cities of Eastern Canada tour.

From $3,409.00 per person

Discover the heart of Canada’s Atlantic seacoast on this wonderful holiday. This tour begins and ends in Halifax with overnights also in Moncton, Charlottetown, and Baddeck.



From $3,495.00 per person

Your exhilarating encounter with western Canada will have you breakfasting in floral splendour, riding on glaciers and meeting a retired Mountie on your journey into the heart of the Rockies.

From $3,495.00 per person

Scenic Baddeck, vibrant Halifax and cultural Charlottetown are just three of the highlights on this trip.

From $3,949.00 per person

With cruises, ferry crossings, and visits to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this breathtaking holiday features the best of Newfoundland and Labrador.



From $4,279.00 per person

World-class Canadian resorts combined with breathtaking scenery highlight this Canadian Rockies tour.  

From $4,369.00 per person

The Canadian Rockies—a land of majestic mountain scenery, fascinating wildlife, sparkling glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, and interesting towns.

From $4,695.00 per person

A mix of colourful harbours and sweeping coastlines, this nautical trip allows you to recharge by the sea as you take in some of Canada's iconic maritime history.



From $4,850.00 per person

Embrace the laid-back lifestyle of Vancouver and a dramatic mountain wilderness. Explore the traditions of the First Nations, behold the icy fingers of the Columbia Icefield and meet a retired Mountie.

From $5,119.00 per person

On this Canadian Rockies tour, enjoy time in many of Canada’s most scenic areas as you travel through some of its national parks and mountain towns.

From $5,150.00 per person

Immerse yourself in the glaciers, national parks and laid-back cities of western Canada. Your effortlessly delivered journey traverses undulating, unforgiving fields of ice, crosses the Continental Divide in vintage style and follows in the footsteps of brave buffalo runners centuries ago.



From $5,475.00 per person

A new land-one filled with wild beauty, considerable local hospitality and centuries of maritime traditions-delivers an enchanting escape from reality that few are privileged to experience.  

From $8,099.00 per person

Create a lifetime of incredible memories traveling through the unforgettable Canadian Rockies! Begin your Canadian Rockies tour with sightseeing in Vancouver and end with a ferry ride through the Gulf Islands from Victoria to Vancouver.

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