Colombia is one of South America’s favourite holiday destinations; you are invited to come discover this magical country.  Famous for its beautiful Caribbean coast and coffee making, it has been often overlooked for its wonderful rich history.

Towns such as Villa de Leyva, Popayan and Cartagena boast incredible colonial architecture, contrasting with stunning holiday resorts along the picturesque Caribbean coast. Natural beauty is a given in a country that greets the Amazon, Andes and the Caribbean. You will be left breathless as you take in the many natural vistas this mighty country has to offer.

Bring out your inner archaeologist and hike to the Lost City of Ciudad Perdida, or relax on the Caribbean Coast, Colombia is the place for you. Below are suggested itineraries which may be tailor-made to suit your particular interests.

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From $362.00 per person

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is located over a plateau, at 2600 metres above sea level. While it is a modern and busy city, it still preserves its heritage located in the Candelaria neighborhood, built during the colonial period with architecture.  

From $1,114.00 per person

The Coffee Zone is a region embedded right at the centre of Colombian geography. A strong culture that teaches about the wonderful coffee bean, as well as a great deal of tourist activities revolving around ever-present coffee traditions.

From $1,284.00 per person

Discover the vibrant city of Bogota with it’s modern urban cool and fascinating cobblestoned colonial centre-La Candelaria. Explore Cartagena, a picturesque seaside town declared a World Heritage Site in 1984.




From $2,515.00 per person

Discover a land of myth and legend in Colombia, where idyllic Caribbean beaches give way to the old world charm of colonial alleys, and where visitors are seduced by the aroma of Colombian coffee, considered the finest in the world.  

From $4,166.00 per person

Discover the rich and diverse history of Colombia in this tour showcasing the coffee and fruit region of the Cauca Valley and experiencing the new transformed Medellin following the drug wars of the 1980’s.



From $4,575.00 per person

Your sizzling love affair with Colombia begins in vibrant Bogotá, with stirring encounters in Medellin, charming Cartagena and the breathtaking beauty of the Coffee Triangle making this a South American adventure to remember forever.  

From $11,145.00 per person

Journey through a nation of ecological, cultural and gastronomical treasures and you’ll agree Colombia is Latin America’s best kept secret.

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